A thrilling story with just enough words to make you interested. By the way tell me if you got the pun at the end.


1. Chaos


                A planet in distress, signs of life appear on the world they thought to be once polluted but it turns out that life forms existed on Earth.  “Watch out; brace yourselves!” yelled the commander. 

“What happened?!” screamed Tom. 

                      “We’re hit we’re going down to Earth!” the commander shouted over the rumble of the engine. The meteor was lodged firmly in the side of the ship.  The commander contacted Thoran and put his finger on the eject button. Just then Tom went and sat in the front seat. 

            A computer began a countdown the seconds until they were in the atmosphere, while another computer blared the temperature.

              “What should we do now?!” yelled Tom. 

               “Relax!” roared the commander.  “Once we’re in the atmosphere we’re clear for landing it’s just the angle we’re hitting Earth I’m worried about, either way we can’t do anything now,” screamed the commander at the top of his lungs. They settled into their seats not knowing whether they would live or die.

            “What’s going on?” I yelled from the back of the ship while trying to get the meteor out of the side of the ship. 

           “Come up to the front and look,” hollered Tom. 

            “5...4...3...2...1,” blared the computer.  From there total darkness came upon them as they shut their eyes.

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