The Resort A novel

When John Harris arrives at The Resort, a old place in Phoenix, Arizona, he meets all kinds of travellers who have their own agendas.

The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger.


7. Martin

B​y seven o'clock PM, Martin  yawned. He watched the time move slowly. He saw the travellers were at the Bar...or talking in the Dining Room. A man in his sixties was on his cell phone. "​It's not my fault Chelsea; I had to deal with The Silvers' Account...Yes I know it's classified; you know that all classified information can kill American citizens; you're not suggesting that Arizona is the meeting place for everyone...​". Martin had heard enough. At forty-four. he was old enough to see America at its worse. And now he was thinking about the future. He walked towards the Bar; he ordered some Earl Grey tea and Eggs Benedict. He was hungry. Once he paid for his meal. he saw a man dressed like a Private Detective. The man wore a faded grey hat. He gazed at his I-phone. Or pretended he was looking at it​, Martin thought to himself. He knew Harry Norman, his cell mate, had died in his cell next to him. He had psychiatric issues. He was only twenty years' old, and too young to be rotting in jail for murder. Martin gazed at John and Jocelyn. He blinked his eyes. Suddenly the Detective moved faster than he knew was possible. "​Come with me Martin. It's best for both of us if you go without any kind of trouble​". Martin shook his head/ "I have to eat my dinner". The detective sighed. "Fine. We'll eat together. There's a warrant for your arrest for bribing police officers in Lawrence, Kansas a decade ago". Martin shook his head. He was laughing. "How'd you find me?", he asked him. "I was in town. I have my sources inside the Arizona Police Department". And he smiled....and ordered Sheppard's pie, and coffee. He watched Martin sigh before he knew that he wouldn't be staying the night at The Resort.


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