The Resort A novel

When John Harris arrives at The Resort, a old place in Phoenix, Arizona, he meets all kinds of travellers who have their own agendas.

The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger.


5. John


T​he dinner suited John. He wasn't used to good cuisine these days when he was on vacation. And now he was dwelling on the woman nearby. He hadn't met anyone at The Resort that wanted to talk to him. He shook his head; he finished eating and drinking. Then he saw her smile at him,

"Hello, I'm John".

"Jocelyn". And she smiled. She watched John finish his meal. "Are you on vacation?", Jocelyn asked. "Yes, I'm writing a book while enjoying the sights of Arizona; I didn't expect to see any women here. My relationships have been bad lately", he answered her. Jocelyn laughed. "My life is like a rollercoaster of deep emotions. I'm kind of picky who I date; I'm a woman of taste and ​class". John nodded. "Everyone has an agenda; everyone has a way to interfere in the way we think, act, and so on". Jocelyn stared at the Bar. "Do you want a drink, John?". "Yes". He left his table, then they paid their bills. Once they headed towards the Bar which was to the right of them, the other travellers watched them with interest.


T​he Bar was full of diners. They were whispering. Jocelyn saw the young man pouring a beer. The lighting illuminated the spacious room; the brown bench was spotlessly clean. "Excuse me, we'd like two coffees please", Jocelyn asked him. "Sure", the man answered her. She took out a ten dollar note. The man placed the note into the till; the man gave her change. 

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