The Resort A novel

When John Harris arrives at The Resort, a old place in Phoenix, Arizona, he meets all kinds of travellers who have their own agendas.

The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger.


1. John


T​he bright lights of Phoenix, Arizona,  wasn't dimmed. John glimpsed the neon lights as six o'clock PM arrived. He knew Alison Franklin, his ex-girlfriend, had been living in Louisiana with her rich, Southern billionaire husband, L. M. Kendall. Jr., who was thirty years older than her. After the last writing job for ​The Arizona Travellers' Guide​, he had planned on a fiction mystery novel that proved a life journey over the last five years or so. He saw a tall African-American doorman smiling at him.

"Good evening Sir", he said. 

"Good evening. I hoped to stay here for two weeks". 

"I haven't seen you before", he told him.

"I was here a long time ago with my parents back in the summer of nineteen eighty. I was two years' old; I am thirty-eight years' old now", John grinned. He walked through the double doors. Then he walked down the long hallway that was covered in red coloured carpet that led to the spacious Reception Area. A glass chandelier was in the middle of the room high on the ceiling; three lamps illuminated the Resort's inner area; green plants created a lovely atmosphere that was inviting. A young woman was smiling at him. "Can I help you, Sir?", Sally James asked. John smiled. :Yes, I want a room for two weeks" he answered her. John took out his MasterCard. "That'll be $900, plus tax", she said. John paid the money. "Are you famous?", Sally enquired. "I'm working on a novel while enjoying The Resort's charms. I'm John", The receptionist smiled. "I'm Sally. Please to meet you". John gripped his brown luggage in his right hand. Suddenly a porter arrived. "Room 3211", Sally said. He nodded. The tall man walked upstairs towards the room which was to the far left; the other rooms were locked. "Here's the key to the room, John", Sally told him. "Thank you, Sally". John gripped the key in his right hand. He  opened the door; he then let the porter place his luggage inside the room.. :"The Dining Room's free for dinner, Sir if you're hungry. If you need anything, ask for Bradley". John gave him a forty dollar tip. "Thank you, Sir". And he tipped his grey hat, and walked downstairs to the Reception Area.


T​he Dining Hall was full of diners. John opened the glass doors. A male waiter smiled at him. "Table 6 is available, Sir", he told him. "That's good. I'd like a menu please". The waiter who was in his mid-to-late twenties showed him to the table which was to the far left of the Dining Room; the other diners were in other tables. Some were married; some were single. John sat down. He saw a female waitress smile at him. "Excuse me, Sir. what do you to eat?", she asked him. "Let me see. I'll have the Beef and Mushroom pie. And a coffee", he answered her. "Excellent choice. There's water in a glass if you like to drink", John nodded. And then he waited for his dinner to be served before the service was over.

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