The Resort A novel

When John Harris arrives at The Resort, a old place in Phoenix, Arizona, he meets all kinds of travellers who have their own agendas.

The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger.


2. Jocelyn


B​y six-thirty PM Jocelyn Phelps shuddered from the warm Arizona weather. She wore a black dress. Her blue eyes glowed in the darkness; her long, black hair was gleaming. She saw the doorman. "Hello., Bradley". "Hello, Jocelyn. How was the day been?", he asked her. "Fine. In truth it was terrible​. I had to convince elderly board members that change is necessary in the modern 21st Century. Some are stuck in the nineteen thirties, and nineteen forties mentality". She sighed with growing frustration. Eventually she walked through the double doors. Sally smiled at her. "Welcome back, Jocelyn. How is everything?", Sally asked her. "Typical board meetings. I need a vacation for two weeks...and I got it". Jocelyn walked in her grey high-heeled shoes She took out her red purse. "How much is it for two weeks? The same nine hundred dollars, plus tax". "Yes", Sally said. Jocelyn took out her MasterCard. Once the card was processed, she saw the porter. "Room 3212 is available", Sally said. Jocelyn gripped her luggage, then placed it near her feet. The porter grabbed it in his hands. "Dinner is ready in the Dining Room". "Thank you". Sally said: "Here's the key". Jocelyn smiled at her. As she kept the key, she placed it in the left deep pocket of her purse for safekeeping. Then, as she felt the pangs of hunger was like a loud lightning bolt in her stomach, Jocelyn opened the double glass doors,  She saw a waiter smiling at her. :Good evening, Miss. Do you want a table?", he asked her; "Yes, please", Jocelyn answered him. "Table 7 is free". She blinked at the man at table 6. He's alone​, she thought to herself; she looked at him with a feeling that she had known him from somewhere. The faded memory of the imminent thought was erased as if by magic; the memory was sadly fleeting. Jocelyn sat down on a chair. She checked the menu...and knew one thing was certain. That somehow she wasn't going to be the only lonely woman in Arizona tonight.

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