The Resort A novel

When John Harris arrives at The Resort, a old place in Phoenix, Arizona, he meets all kinds of travellers who have their own agendas.

The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger.


3. Daniel


Donald Grimes, IV, stared at the young man who was at table 9. "Daniel, it's not fair. You're upset because I had divorced your mother last month after two decades of marriage. Eventually couples drift apart...". Daniel, who shook his head, drank his bourbon with unease.  "Dad, I want to think that we could patch things up. Now, you're in love; you're seeing Debra Lowers". Daniel shook her head. "She left me at the casino last night; she thought I was seeing another woman when she overheard my private conversation about work. ​She was too jealous; she was...angry​. I saw Jimmy Schneider. He was my old boss who published my non-fiction book about the city of Arizona. That's why I'm here to do research on everything.  And, besides, a lot people in Arizona are good people. There's talk of madness in The Resort; a lot of madness". Daniel shook her head. Donald saw the water. "Can I order a steak and Earl Grey tea, please?", he asked him. "Of course. And you...". "Yes, the same please. I'm in Room 2364". Daniel saw John and Jocelyn. He blinked his eyes. He hadn't thought another writer was at The Resort; he shook his head....and hoped that the night would be as interesting as dinner was.


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