Still Here

This story is my entry for the Reincarnation: A Fantasy Writing Competition.

A girl named Winter finds herself in Mika's body after her death. But the worst part is the fact that she is in her new body because of what happened on that fateful day. Read to find out how she died and what led up to it! Enjoy!


9. Chapter 9

I was waiting for Brittney to arrive after I'd been dropped off. Eventually, she arrived. But she wasn't the same girl that I remembered. I even tensed up as she approached me. She used to be super peppy and a girly-girl. Instead, now she wore a lot of black and her hair was cut short. And it was dyed purple. She had piercings all up her ears and a nose ring. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to be her friend anymore. I had already agreed to this, though. Plus, beggars cannot be choosers.

"Hey, what's up?", I asked.

She must've known tat I was nervous, and probably used to it,too, because she joked," What? It's not like I'm gonna bite you or anything."

I then decided that this wouldn't be so bad after all, and so I smiled. Brittney also smiled, and I realized that I was going to have yet another friend that would always be prettier than me. But I didn't mind it because she was kind of a scary pretty, and so I probably wouldn't have to worry too much about people being all over her in front of me, unlike Bella.

After that, I gave her the bland tour. I was like, "So this is the toilets, and here is the science class. Oh, and you can't forget torture," I said, pointing to the gym. We both laughed at that. Brittney was so great to joke around with, and she was super, super not scary once you got to know her. I was so overjoyed to have her back.

*   *   *

Later that day, at lunch, Brittney and I were walking towards the cafeteria. I jumped when I noticed Derick sitting at his usual spot. He hadn't been at school since I'd broke up with him. But he was messier. So for from his normal, perfect self. Like I was looking at him through a fish tank. Like someone had gone and blurred and smeared him.And Brittney, being the terrific friend she was, noticed this.

"Hey, what's wrong?", she asked.

I then nodded my head in the direction of Derick. She looked his way and then gave me a weird look. I took out to the courtyard then. 

"I can trust you not to tell anyone, right?"

"Oh course," Brittney said. "Who would I even tell?"

"Okay," I replied. And then I told her all about Derick. And Bella, because she, too, was a huge part of this story.

*   *   *

After I finished, Brittney was almost in tears and was looking at me sympathetically. 

"I'm so, so sorry," she sighed. "We...we should tell somebody?"

"No!" , I whisper-yelled.

"Fine, fine. But what, then?"

"I...I just really don't know..." I cried. I was balling my eyes out again, but, thankfully, I had Brittney's support. She was just so great.

The bell went off right about then, and so we both stood up and got ready to go. The only reason that I even moved, though, was due to the fact that Brittney was holding me up. Otherwise, I probably would've just stayed there, crying out my pain and fear, despite the fact that neither would leave.



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