Still Here

This story is my entry for the Reincarnation: A Fantasy Writing Competition.

A girl named Winter finds herself in Mika's body after her death. But the worst part is the fact that she is in her new body because of what happened on that fateful day. Read to find out how she died and what led up to it! Enjoy!


7. Chapter 7

The Monday after/the next day, I was still freaking out over Derick taking the pictures of me. I was paranoid, thinking that he was watching my every move. I'd made sure at least four times in just a few minutes that all of the doors and windows were locked in the morning. Finally, I left for school. My mom had drove me and I'd looked around everywhere constantly after she dropped me off.

That day, I didn't see Derick at all. I was so scared that he was going to be peering from around every corner as I walked down the halls. At lunch, I wouldn't go into the cafeteria because I didn't want to risk seeing his face and having a mental breakdown or something. 

Instead, I stayed in the photography classroom and sat looking through my photo album. I was admiring all of last years photos when I came across a section that I really didn't want to see right then. It was Derick and my two-year anniversary pictures. I then immediately shut the book and broke out into tears. But they weren't of sadness; I felt terrified. If someone would have told me then that he would have cheated on me with my best friend, get dumped by me, and then start stalking me, I know for a fact that I would call them crazy and ignored them. Except it happened. I continued to freak out over thinking about Derick. I swear that he was probably watching me now because, well, he was my stalker.

Just then, I saw a shadow outside of the windows that view the school hallways and then a flash. I suddenly could not move. The blinds were drawn, and so I couldn't see who it was. Then the classroom door slowly creaked open. Finally, I saw who it was. I breathed a sigh of relief. It was only my photography teacher, Mr. Failing. 

"Hey, Winter," he began. "Lunch will be over in a few, but I was wondering if you would help me take yearbook pictures around the school?"

That must've been what the flash outside the windows were, I thought.

"Yeah, sure! I'd be happy to help."

Mr. Failing smiled at me. "Okay, great. Grab your camera and we'll head out."

*   *   *

Once we were done for now, I set down my camera in my cubby. 

"Mr. Fisher?", I asked.


"I have a friend, Brittney, who is going to be coming to our school. She will be in this class with me, and I was wondering if you had any extra cameras."

He thought for a minute and then replied, "I think that we could work something out."

"Okay, thanks!"

With that, I left and went to my next hour. I was really excited for Brittney to come here, but I wondered if I was going to be able to tell her about Derick. I hoped so, because it was getting hard to deal with myself at the time.

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