Still Here

This story is my entry for the Reincarnation: A Fantasy Writing Competition.

A girl named Winter finds herself in Mika's body after her death. But the worst part is the fact that she is in her new body because of what happened on that fateful day. Read to find out how she died and what led up to it! Enjoy!


6. Chapter 6

The next few days after that ended up going by fairly quickly and neither Derick nor Bella tried to approach me on Friday. Plus, I still hadn't texted Bella back. I don't think that we were friends at all anymore. We hadn't even talked since that day in English.

But now it was Friday. Today I had heard some girls gossiping about how Derick had been unstable for the days after I broke up with him, but at the time I just kind of figured that he was a little upset and that the girls were over exaggerating. I was just really excited for Brittney to come in two days.

It was Sunday and I was still doing the rest of my endless homework before it was due the next day. Finally, I was just finishing up my photography collage. That's when I saw a flash. I looked up as soon as I saw it, but outside my window where I'd seen it was normal. There was nothing there at all.

It freaked me out at first, but I figured that it was just my imagination. I went back to my work like it didn't happen because, well, I didn't think that it did. To me, everything was fine. Just then, I heard my dad walk through the door with my mom trying to catch up behind him, as always. 

"Winter, it's time for dinner!", my father called. I got up and went downstairs, but I swear I saw another flash. But, even if it was there, I wasn't sure what it was caused by. I was still pondering over this when I walked into the kitchen. Then I saw the pizza on the counter and momentarily forgot all about the flashes because I hadn't had the greasy goodness in a while.

"Hey, sweetie,"  my mom. "Grab yourself a slice or two and have a seat."

I did what I was told without argument. "It has been to long," I exclaimed, more to my food than anything else. Both of my parents agreed and then it was quiet for a while. Finally, my mom looked up at me.

"So, on Tuesday, Brittney will be at school," she began. "Your principal has made it to where you guys have the same schedule."


"I will drive you to school early so that you can show her around before your classes," my mom continued. After that mom changed topics and she talked about how work went. I was just so excited for a new friend.

*   *   *

Later that night, I was laying in bed thinking about how much better it was going to be at school now that I would have a friend to talk to and hang out with. Just then, I say another flash. This time I was certain of it. I was so scared that I didn't move and pretended to be asleep. I then realized that the flash was from a camera. Someone was watching me. That night, I didn't sleep at all. I was frozen still. I thought about getting up, turning the light on, and running over to see who it was. I couldn't think of anyone who would stalk me. And that's when it hit me. It was Derick. Derick was outside of my window busy taking pictures of me and thinking that I wasn't awake.

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