Still Here

This story is my entry for the Reincarnation: A Fantasy Writing Competition.

A girl named Winter finds herself in Mika's body after her death. But the worst part is the fact that she is in her new body because of what happened on that fateful day. Read to find out how she died and what led up to it! Enjoy!


3. Chapter 3

The next day, I had Bella in my first period English class. I was kind of hoping that she would just be skipping again with my boyfriend so that I didn't have to face her, but that is really kind of bad. So maybe she could've been with someone elses  boyfriend? Anyone and anywhere else. But no. She was there. And she walked up to me because, of course, she was my best friend. At least she thought.

"Hey, how are you, Winter?"

"Not so great, actually," I said.

Bella looked at me confused for a minute and then said, "Oh...I'm sorry." (Mm-hmm) "What happened?"

"If you don't know, then you don't deserve to." She looked at me with the most confused look I'd ever seen. Just as Bella was about to speak, the teacher came into the classroom, forcing her to go to her seat across the room. Good, now I didn't have to talk to her. How did she not know? They left the door open while they were making out. Anyone could have easily walked by and seen them, including teachers. And me. So it was their fault for not thinking about and hurting me.

*  *  *

Finally, English ended. But Bella didn't come over to me afterwards. At the time, I wasn't sure if it was because she knew that I was mad and didn't want to upset me further or if it was because she'd realized what I saw. But if it was the first one, it didn't matter anyways because I got mad that she didn't come over to me and comfort me like she should because of, you know, her being my best friend and all. So, either way I, was mad. I'm not sure exactly why, but I wanted to be able to turn her down and tell her that it was all her fault. But she just left as quickly as possible, trying to avoid talking to me, I assumed.But it was whatever. Bella was the one who was making out with Derick and not her own boyfriend. She was in the wrong, not me.

But the worst part is that Derick actually agreed. It may have even been his idea. He was my boyfriend. When we first started dating, I told him that I didn't like surprises. So, if he ever had any doubts or wanted to be with another person--including my best friend--, to break up with me so that he would be honest and happy and I wouldn't get hurt by him. Too late now, I guess.

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