Still Here

This story is my entry for the Reincarnation: A Fantasy Writing Competition.

A girl named Winter finds herself in Mika's body after her death. But the worst part is the fact that she is in her new body because of what happened on that fateful day. Read to find out how she died and what led up to it! Enjoy!


12. Chapter 12


I didn't mean to kill her. It's just that she wouldn't stop talking. She was just making me so on edge. And so I pulled out the gun. I wasn't even planning on making the shot. But, like I said, she wouldn't stop talking. She knew what I'd done. About all of the pictures I'd taken. The gun was just to make her shut up. But she didn't think that I would actually shoot. Neither did I. But then my finger slipped. As soon as I heard her shriek, I regretted it. But I couldn't take back what happened. No matter how much I wanted to.And so I held the handgun up to my own chest. I inhaled and exhaled with the gun and then I shot. I saw a flash and some blood. And then nothing else.Because I was dead. Because I could not take the fact that I'd killed her. Because I loved her to much. Because I couldn't live without her. Because I was a coward.

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