Expelled in Sixty Seconds: A Raegan Mckenna Fanfic

She's got an amazing bedroom that's always messy, masses of money she spends on fast-food and video games, a picturesque house that's never felt like home, and a perfect family that wish she'd never been born. Raegan Mckenna is a reject, and she'll be god-damned if she lets her new school accept her. If she's going to be a misfit, she's going to be the best damned misfit Emberly's ever seen.
This is a fanfiction of "Welcome to Emberly" by movellas user IAmYourNemesis. All credit for characters, locations and all that good stuff goes to her. It will make sense if you haven't read the movella, but you really ought to read it, because it's fantastic.


1. The Best Misfit in Town

Having spent the entire summer holiday swearing every colour of the rainbow through her xbox headset and stuffing her face with Wotsits and Munchies, Raegan Mckenna was pretty sure she wasn’t going to fit in at private school.

According to her mother, this school was prestigious, which Raegan knew from basically being paid off to stay out of her parents’ sight actually just meant expensive. The only thing bigger than the goddamn price tags was the building, which looked like it’d probably been the location of at least fifty different sacrifice rituals and probably, like, a portal to hell or something. She’d told her mum she wasn’t going the second she’d been forced to look at the website, but apparently, “It looks haunted as balls,” hadn’t been a good enough excuse, so here she was, on the first day of year seven, starting to question whether she really needed to learn how to read and add and shit. Work at KFC, live on employee discounts, play video games, die alone, done. That was her life plan, and none of the events of the next five years were going to mess with it.

Her uniform was all navy blue and brown and barely but slightly off-white; Raegan had stopped giving the last fuck about her appearance after the first time her mother had told her she looked like a bloke in a wig, but this uniform was so ugly it was like they were doing it to purposefully make every child feel shit about themselves. Her jacket was probably big because her mum wanted her to grow into it, but her skirt was three inches from the ground on purpose. That could’ve been a good thing, since the only thing uglier than her blazer and her stupid face was her socks, but as she sat in the back seat of her mum’s car, slowly edging her way down the seat in case anyone sane caught sight of her, Raegan vowed never, ever to wear a skirt again. Her collar was just tight enough to strangle you if you sulked too much and her shoes were just painful enough to break your ankles if you slouched too much, which, come to think of it, was probably a deliberate design choice. Unfortunately, if screaming at pixels and eating were discounted, sulking and slouching were Raegan’s two favourite pastimes. This was going to be the worst day of her life.

“Mum, do I have to?” she whined, digging her heels into her mum’s expensive upholstery. Her new school shoes rubbed in every single place possible.

“Do you have to what, sweetie?” her mum replied at least half a minute later.

“Go to this posh arsey private school.”

“Raegan, language!” her mum tutted.

“Fucking shit, mum.”


“What?” She whined. “I have emotional problems, remember?”

Raegan’s mother tutted again. “Well, you’re going to have to keep your emotional problems under control while you’re at school, darling.”

“I can’t keep them under control; I’m a fucking lunatic. It’s not my fucking fault.”

“Raegan, if you get into any trouble while you’re there, especially from swearing, you’re in big trouble, young lady.”

“Aye aye, Captain Obvious.” Raegan slid down in her seat, her new collar and mud-brown tie choking her.

“With me.”

“What are you gonna do? Lock me in my room?” Raegan forced her grin flat.

Her mother paused for a second, breathing in, then forcing the air out again in the way she always did when Raegan had wound her up to breaking point. She gritted her perfect teeth, pouting her lips to avoid making a scuff in her perfect lipstick, and then took one hand off the wheel to wrench her messed-up daughter’s messed-up tie into its proper position.

“Big trouble, young lady. You’d better behave, or your father and I’ll think of something. No allowance for a month.”

Raegan gave her a sarcastic smirk. “So let me get this straight.” She loosened her tie again. “If I cuss at a fool, punch a fool, or burn some fools’ classroom to the ground, I’m eighty quid short.”


“Oh, no, how will I cope? Without my eighty quid, with only the eighty from this month, I’ll only be able to afford…” She paused, the simplest of sums tangling and mutating inside her head. “About seventy KFC bargain buckets! This Saturday’s lunch plans are ruined.”

“Raegan, I swear-”

“Chill out, mum!” Raegan forced a smile onto her face, trying not to shudder from the tightness of that fucking collar. “I’ll be an angel. Just you watch me do you proud.”

As her mum made a noise in the back of her throat that could’ve either been disdain or hopefulness, Raegan turned her head towards the window and watched the frost peeling from the glass. She caught sight of her reflection, her red hair wilder than a handful of pipecleaners and her grey eyes scrunched into the foulest scowl imaginable, and vowed, right then and there, that she’d make it her mission to get chucked out of that school as quickly as humanly or inhumanly possible. After all, she’d already been rejected by her best friend on the last day of year six, rejected by the rest of her friends before she’d even turned six, and rejected by her family on the very first day they caught sight of what sort of person she was going to turn into. If Raegan Mckenna was going to be a misfit, she was going to make sure she was the best damned misfit in town.

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