Werewolf's life

Join the werewolves side of view as you jump into a land of insanity
Characters:Spidek,Luce,Ivan,Rose,Zinu,Zane and others


2. Turn on the lights

Spidek is the first one up cooking, He is the alpha and a great cook, he is humming a weird song type thing and using spices in his cooking, He is smiling and he looks around, Not waking the others, He sets plates down and he smiles abit before hunting he then grabs a big coat and walks into the woods as he turns to a werewolf he sees a dead deer 

He then picks it up only to be tackled by a human 

???:guys come on we got something 

Spidek:I've should have known 

???:ohh we got a wolf looks like where going to feast well (puts gun to head)


???:aw the puppy mad 

Spidek grabs his gun and shoots the guys head, taking his knife and bullets, He wins the battle


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