Werewolf's life

Join the werewolves side of view as you jump into a land of insanity
Characters:Spidek,Luce,Ivan,Rose,Zinu,Zane and others


3. Turn off the lights, Zanes Pov

Meanwhile... Zane wakes up to the smell of burning bacon Zane:um spidek I know your a good cook and all but (he sees a big fire in the center of camp)O.O AHH (he then beats it with a blanket) phew

Clara:(yawns)hey Zane what's all the noise 

Zane: nothing just a minor CAMPFIRE 


Zane: is rose up?


Zane:I'll remake breakfast then (paints a whole banquet) 

Zane and Clara eat the whole thing 

Clara:so good welp ima take a nap what are you gonna do .... Zane


Clara:wow (moves Zane to his tent then goes into hers and sleeps)



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