Werewolf's life

Join the werewolves side of view as you jump into a land of insanity
Characters:Spidek,Luce,Ivan,Rose,Zinu,Zane and others


4. Main things...

Rose wakes up to gunshots, She gets out of her tent and looks around as she stretches and yawns barely even awake, She has bags under her eyes due to her not sleeping for a few months. She grabs her witch hat and spell book, She looks for Spidek.

Spidek:Rose, help me, This is a trap.   Rose:I see...    Rose gets Spidek out of the trap and he thanks rose slightly looking at Snowden, He sighs and walks in grillbys hiding his wolf side, He orders a drink, Hot coca... He drinks it and everyone is suspicious as whispers filled the room and they all stared at him... They probably mistake him for spiden a.k.a the prince of spiders... he goes back to the campsite with a dead rabbit, Good for making a piece of clothing for Ivan, He smiles a bit and skins it as he hums spider dance, He cooks the rabbit for lunch


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