Werewolf's life

Join the werewolves side of view as you jump into a land of insanity
Characters:Spidek,Luce,Ivan,Rose,Zinu,Zane and others


5. Main things Clara Pov

Clara wakes up and looks in Zanes tent he's not there So she goes to look for him 

While looking she here humans she runs 

Clara:crap crap crap 

She is then tranquilized 


She wakes up ina a cage 

Clara:-yawns- *blink blink* I'm in a cage and I'm gonna be dead in about 5 minutes 

Guard:can it pup 

Clara:I'm not a pup


Clara:ummmm human guy person 

 The guy is dead on the floor 


 A shadowy looking guy rasies his sword 

Clara:No please 

Zane cuts the metal bars

Zane:are you ok 

Clara faints 

Clara wakes up in her tent

Clara:did I not get captured 

She looks at a dart in her arm 

Clara:yep I did

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