All but Rolex

Summary :

Rolex had to work extra hard to pick up her destroyed past and
somehow make a future out of it, she has a roof over her head, a
stable income and more than a couple of sit backs that made her
skin thicker than most, while Crawford had it all-He gets what he
wants, when he wants it; he knows the price of everything while she
knows the value.

Quotes from the book :

" I won't let you destroy my life, stay the hell away from me, rich boy"
"Oh, Rolex thinks she's all this and that, you're nothing sweetheart"
"This risk is too expensive, and i don't come in cash or via credit card"
"We are words, we are words and money, we are the worst in the world-We
force each other to be animals and then we wonder, why do we treat each other so


3. Two


Words count :1,065

Song : i know places by taylor swift


I stared at my reflection. My brown hair was pulled up in a tight french twist, my eyes had a natural makeup on them, my naturally pink lips were covered with nude lipstick. my Arabian tanned skin was covered with a knee length black pencil skirt and a sleeveless silky, dark gray top and my feet were adorned in a dark red high heels.

i looked at my dark brown eyes one more time before covering them with my big black sun glasses ,gave my outfit a nod of approval then grabbed my black purse and iPhone and i was out.

I arrived at eight A.M sharp, i scanned my card to mark my arrival and went straight to my office, taking off the extra accessories and my heels, i started going through the endless piles of papers and contracts, then i went through with the current events at hand.

Seven hours later, i'm done with nine contracts, twelve seating charts, six catering selections and i've supervised the current running event today which happens to be a wedding and it went perfectly, nothing better than a day wedding.

Event planning isn't as easy as it looks or as i thought, at one point in my life i figured that nothing comes easy, no matter the road you choose, there must be obstacles and if there is no obstacles then you're not even moving.

My phone's ringtone went off, snapping me out of my deep thinking daze; Angel's name flashed on the screen with a cute angel face emoji right next to his name and a crazy mirror selfie of me on his shoulders while we both had facial masks and towels around our heads.

"Hey, Angel" i beamed even though he can't see me.

"You keeping up?" He questions while i hear shuffling in the back ground.

"Yes, i am keeping up and No, i didn't change my mind—Still covering for you tonight" i started collecting my stuff as the clock indicated that my shift was over but i decided to just eat out since i will be starting the 'Angelo-cover up' shift in three hours.

"If you feel exhausted, i can ditch the party and come" he says in a rush, i'm guessing it's my voice.

"No, you go have fun, i'm just tired because i didn't eat anything yet" i stated calmly but then remembered he'll freak out.

"Are you kidding me? Go eat something and snapchat it to me right now, if i don't get my videos in thirty minutes, i'm ditching the party and the shift to shove the food down your throat" He jokes but i know that there is a lot of seriousness behind his words.

"Don't worry, Angel. I am fine, i'm over that phase, i just had a lot of work and forgot to eat, but i will go right now and i'll send you a load of videos of me eating as long as you don't act like a paranoid parent and come here" I really don't want him to ruin his night for something stupid.

"Okay, thirty minutes, Lex" i take that as the goodbye, mumbling a quick love you and hanging up.

After eating and sending Angel videos like an idiot, i stay around for a while till the shift is thirty minutes away and i decide to walk there, bad choice because of the heels but i really needed the walk.

I enter the elevator of the company and it starts going up, i stretch to loosen my muscles but i hear my pocket knife drop on the floor, i get it and re-adjust in in place under my skirt, right as the doors open.

I walk to Angel's office and start working on his accounting files after i scan his card through the machine; i finish most of his work and decide to treat myself with a five minute break; My mind flies to the reasons why i have a knife under my skirt as i feel it's wooden and plastic handle digging into me skin a little. My mind flashes to many times that i had to defend myself with this as i slept in the streets for a week or as i rode trains at midnight or walked through dark allies when i had no money to afford a single bedroom in a better neighborhood; I drag myself out of the memory lane and get back to work.

"If it isn't Lexi Jones herself handling numbers" I hear the last voice i wanted to hear today.

"Hey,boss" i say while i keep my eyes glued to the computer screen.

"Do you know why i love night shifts?" He asks and i shake my head, please go away.

"There is barely employees and it gets very comfortable to move around, almost deserted" he says as he comes closer and leans to sit on my desk, well—technically, it's Angelo's desk.






He comes closer to me as he whispers " You look hot in that outfit" and i stand abruptly and start walking out of the door but he is faster as he jumps to it and stands, blocking my way.

"Move over, now" i say calmly but strictly; he ignores me, i repeat myself again but this time he reacts by snaking his arm around my waist, i push and kick but it's a hopeless case as he lifts me up with one hand and lays the other over my mouth while i try to scream then he lays me down on the desk, still hand on my mouth.

I scream

I kick

I shout

I cry

All at the same time, my feelings, brain, heart rate, adrenaline, Every cell in my body screams for help and hysteria gets the best of me but i snap out of it as i feel his hands slipping in my skirt and in my underwear, I kick him in the groin and punch him in the nose as hard as i can, I start running but he grabs my hair and slams me back on the desk, he tries to get on top of me but i take my heels off using my feet then i hold his hips back using my feet as he holds my hands above my head.


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