All but Rolex

Summary :

Rolex had to work extra hard to pick up her destroyed past and
somehow make a future out of it, she has a roof over her head, a
stable income and more than a couple of sit backs that made her
skin thicker than most, while Crawford had it all-He gets what he
wants, when he wants it; he knows the price of everything while she
knows the value.

Quotes from the book :

" I won't let you destroy my life, stay the hell away from me, rich boy"
"Oh, Rolex thinks she's all this and that, you're nothing sweetheart"
"This risk is too expensive, and i don't come in cash or via credit card"
"We are words, we are words and money, we are the worst in the world-We
force each other to be animals and then we wonder, why do we treat each other so


4. Three


word count : 1,240

chapter's song : Dangerous by David G.


He gets frustrated with not being able to touch me, he takes one of his hands off mine and starts to take off my blouse but i manage to slip my left hand out of his grip and i reach for the small knife hiding in my stocking and snap it open, he tries to take it, almost succeeding due to the weakness of my left arm, but i take it behind my head and we he tries to reach for it i stab his leg and run as he clutches it and groans.

I run

I run

I run

I can't breathe, i think i'm dying, i jump four stairs at a time, as waiting for the slow elevator doesn't look like an option anymore, as i reach the bottom floor, i'm exhausted and panting, thirsty and tired.

Legs aching

Heart beating

Eyes tearing

Ears whistling

Arms shaking

I see him come out of the elevator doors and he screams for the security guard to hold me, the guard tries to oblige as he doesn't know anything except the order of his boss that now has a bloody leg and nothing about the current situation.

I try to explain but no words come out,

I run

I duck from the guard

I push the glass revolving door and run in the street like a maniac, i look back and see him walking slowly while the guard runs after me, i stand in the street and wave, hoping to stop a car.

I feel my hair flying around my face and i remember that my bag and phone are up stairs along with my shoes and rationality. I try to run but the security screams that i am a criminal and for people to catch me, i cross the street and stand in the middle of it.




Is better than this, better than one more touch. One more touch that i won't be able to take off no matter how long i scrub my body. I snap out of my daze as i hear a car's breaks screech against the pavement; Looking up i meet a stranger's angry face, he's screaming at me but then he stares and stops.

I don't care who's that.

I open his passenger door and slip inside slamming the door as people run after the 'criminal' that stabbed an innocent man and he stares at me, he locks the overly luxurious car and speeds down the road.

No question.

I cry a river, forgetting about the unknown driver, i feel the car come to a halt and i look up from my hands and wipe my tears and try to control my sobbing. I feel my heart rate accelerate again as i take in my surroundings, deserted road.

I look beside me and he's steel eyes are staring right into my soul, his sharp jaw is set in a scowl and his jet black eyebrows are furrowed. I slide my hand to the door's handle quietly then he mutters a series of curses while he runs his left hand through his jet black smooth hair.

I pull the handle but it doesn't open and he runs another hand through his hair.

"I'm not going to hurt you" He states coldly and i start sobbing and screaming and kicking as he turns off the ignition.

He forcefully takes my left hand and slides it on the lock button but doesn't press.

"You're free to go but i wouldn't recommend it here, i just wanted to get away from the people in case you turn out to be a criminal as they were screaming" His voice is dangerously low, a little threatening.

"I swear, i am not" i say between hiccups as i try to calm myself.

"Tell me what happened" He states, jaw still set; His phone rings and i flinch.

He silences it.

I shake my head; I don't feel like repeating what happened and definitely not to a stranger.

He stares at me coldly then he says a clear "Have it your way"

I watch his hand turn on the ignition and reverse the car.

"Where are you taking me ?" I panic again.

"Back to them, where i found you, i will hand you to that bloody guy myself" He says and his accent is clear as day.

"Please no" i cry again as he speeds up and my chances of getting out of the car thin to nonexistence.

"Then tell me" He stares at me expectingly and i weigh my choices.

"I was covering a night shift at work and this guy you saw, my boss tried to rape me, i stabbed him in the leg but i didn't know what else to do" Tears try to fall but i hold them and swallow.

He stares at me for a minute then he turns the car around and drives to the other direction—I was about to ask where are we going but his phone rings again and he picks up.

"What" He snaps, more as a statement than a question.

"I am coming, i just have something to handle first" After a lot of 'okays' and 'Mhms' He hangs up.

"I am taking you home, give me your address" He says as he pulls out the maps app on his phone but i hesitate.

"If i wanted to hurt you, i won't ask for your address, i would've just stayed on the deserted side of the road" He rolls his eyes and i give him my address quietly.

He drives past the speed limits by shots and suddenly my fingers seem interesting and i can feel my bare feet hurt so badly as the adrenaline wears off.

"What are you thinking about?" i was about to say never mind but he adds "If you say 'Nothing' i will drop you off here, in the middle of nowhere" he sends me a tight smile.

"I..i just.." i try to speak but realize that i will sound stupid.

"Form a sentence" He orders and it bothers me but i'm too tired and he's doing me big favors for a stranger.

"I just can't understand why would someone do something like that and i know that if it comes to my word against his, they will believe him" i cringe as i feel another tear fall.

I can feel the last ounce of my everything drain before this stranger.

My pride

My happiness

My self-control

My confidence

My wall

And most importantly,

My strength

"Why would his words matter more than yours?" He questions and glances my way, as he takes out a cigarette and lights it up, holding it between teeth that look perfectly aligned and white, making me snap my mouth shut out of insecurity.

"Because he's my boss, He's rich and knows the owner of the company and his word has value" i state the ugly truth.

"He will complain about that stab for sure but why would his words and money matter in that situation ?" He furrows his eyebrows.

I laugh.

Not humored but stunned.

"We are words, we are words and money, we are the worst in the world—We force each other to be animals and then we wonder, why do we treat each other so badly." I say all in one breath and i have no idea where that came from.

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