All but Rolex

Summary :

Rolex had to work extra hard to pick up her destroyed past and
somehow make a future out of it, she has a roof over her head, a
stable income and more than a couple of sit backs that made her
skin thicker than most, while Crawford had it all-He gets what he
wants, when he wants it; he knows the price of everything while she
knows the value.

Quotes from the book :

" I won't let you destroy my life, stay the hell away from me, rich boy"
"Oh, Rolex thinks she's all this and that, you're nothing sweetheart"
"This risk is too expensive, and i don't come in cash or via credit card"
"We are words, we are words and money, we are the worst in the world-We
force each other to be animals and then we wonder, why do we treat each other so


2. One


Word count : 1,005

Chapter's song  : Side to side by Ariana grande 




"Good morning, you look beautiful today" Angelo beamed at me, i quickly scanned his face and outfit, my eyes double taking the cup of coffee in his hand, i just had the worst morning ever and i would kill for a cup right now.

"Uh-huh" I nod once, still gazing at the heavenly cup.

"Geez, you can have it" Angelo rolls his bright green eyes at me and sets the cup on my desk and i feel the smell seeping everywhere, creating an aura of temporary comfort from my overly-busy work day; I take a sip from the coffee, Vanilla flavored, no sugar; He brought this specially for me.

"No" i say bluntly and his face falls as he drops on the chair adjacent from mine, rather dramatically.

"I didn't even say anything" He throws his hands up as a sign of defense while giving me the puppy eyes, i roll my brown orbs then i raise an eyebrow and wait.




"Okay,Lex—I need a favor" He admits and looks at me hopefully, making my lips quirk up in a natural smirk.

"Yes, i know you need a favor and my answer is no" I test him further, it's just too fun to miss, his frustrated expression, the series of epically awful puppy faces and witty bickering; My day has been dull so far and i still have three hours of work to survive, might as well entertain myself.

"Listen you brat, you will do me the favor or i'm taking back my coffee" He says pointedly but we both know that we're just fooling around like we always do; i shake my head and his frown deepens.

"I just need you to cover for me tomorrow night's shift—I know you don't do night shifts but i have Lio's bachelor party and you know i can't miss it, i will beg if i have to, please Lex; Puh-lease" He falls on one knee and starts begging, i can't keep a straight face anymore, i burst into a fit of laughter and he stares at me with narrowed eyes.

"Okay, only tomorrow's shift Angel, No-more cover ups" I say the words even though we both know that there will be many shifts to come for me to cover for him, and him for me—Me and Angelo, we are a team, he's a true friend, stayed all through my drama and slip ups, we are the same.

"Yes,yes,yes" he sing-songs as he walks out of my office flaunting.

"You will owe me coffee for a week though" i shout after him and he pops his head back in my office.

"It isn't a favor if you get paid, Lex" he states smugly.

"Well, No shit Sherlock" i roll my eyes again and stick my tung out at him.

"Yea, stick your tung out, real classy, Lex" He mock claps and rolls his eyes while i try to imitate his voice just to bother him.

"Get out of my office, i have better stuff to do" I state as i go back to the messy seating chart in front of me; He mumbles 'Bitch' and walks out.

"Retarded imbecile" i speak loudly before he goes far.

"I heard that" He shouts and people in the other offices shush him but he flips all of them off me included.

"You were meant to" i shout loudly, making other employees give me evil eyes and angry stares but i just ignore them as i laugh when he slams his office door loudly like an angry child.

Three hours pass and i jump out of my chair; I can't believe i can finally go home. I stretch my back and hear the bones as they make cracking sounds, i'm in a terrible need for a run and a hot shower. I drag my feet across the office and to the elevator.

"Lexi" My Boss, Jack, calls me out and i embrace for the series of awkward perverted comments that i am about to get.

"Good evening, Mr.Creaden" i manage a fake tight smile, i'm sure it looks more like a sarcastic smile but he accepts it anyway and flashes me a wide grin—Sticking his hand in his suit's pocket, he pulls out his car keys and dangles them across my face.

"I can take you home" Once the offer leaves his mouth, i feel my stomach drop, i can't believe that a married man, would hit on me—It's not that he's bad looking, he's okay looking, late twenties, Light blonde long hair and black eyes, slim attire with a bit of facial hair—He looks okay but he is a cheater and a pervert; it's not like he tried to force anything on me, he looks harmless but his comments and flirt attempts make my stomach drop and churn in so many ways—Negative ways.

"No thanks, i'll take a cab" i say tightly, clearly and firmly. He shuts up and frowns.

"Angelo said you will be covering for him tomorrow night" He questions rhetorically but expects an answer anyway. I nod.

"That will be the first time you stay a night shift" He leans against the wall and the elevator dings. I thank all of the holy powers for the timing.

"I've got to go, have a nice night and deliver my hello's to Ms.Marie if you can" I say a little sarcastically with a wide smile, as i stand in the elevator and his frown turns to an angry expression but he nods anyway and the elevator doors close.

I stop the first cab i find and head home, i throw my keys on the little table beside the door and turn the main lights on, my home isn't fancy, it is a small space but well decorated to my liking, all modern but cozy and warm—I feel at peace and let out a breath, i never realized i was holding.


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