All but Rolex

Summary :

Rolex had to work extra hard to pick up her destroyed past and
somehow make a future out of it, she has a roof over her head, a
stable income and more than a couple of sit backs that made her
skin thicker than most, while Crawford had it all-He gets what he
wants, when he wants it; he knows the price of everything while she
knows the value.

Quotes from the book :

" I won't let you destroy my life, stay the hell away from me, rich boy"
"Oh, Rolex thinks she's all this and that, you're nothing sweetheart"
"This risk is too expensive, and i don't come in cash or via credit card"
"We are words, we are words and money, we are the worst in the world-We
force each other to be animals and then we wonder, why do we treat each other so


5. Four




Word count : 1,059

chapter's song : Animal by Maroon 5 .


"We are words, we are words and money, we are the worst in the world—We force each other to be animals and then we wonder, why do we treat each other so badly." I say all in one breath and i have no idea where that came from.

He nods.

"I like that; What's your name?" He asks casually as he nods once to himself.

"Lex and you ?" i ask, feeling out of element, it's so weird and hard maintaining a conversation, with a stranger right after what happened twenty or so minutes ago.

"Your full name isn't lex, is it?" He questions, looking a little amused.

"No, It's Rolex Jones" i say and wait for the laughing.

"seriously?" He asks, no mockery in his voice whatsoever, i nod—surprised that he didn't laugh or make fun of my name, i always got heat for it at school; i'm sure i would've in college too if i could've afforded it.

"Rolex" He says mainly to himself. "I am Crawford" He grins and i look away.

"How old are you?" he asks and i casually say 'Twenty'; Crawford nods again and i ask him the same question.

"Twenty-four" He says and i nod. I thought the casual bad timed conversation was over but 'Crawford' had another plan—Does he not realize that i'm still very traumatized over here..

"Where do you work ?" He questions with a fresh frown, probably from the thought of the events he got middled in by default.

"White's events planning and graphic designing" I mumble, still looking out of the window; Before i get a chance to ask him the same, he pulls over in front of my building and i find police cars, standing among the monster himself and the security guard of the company.

I feel myself vomit a little in my mouth and 'Crawford' steps out of the car after he very aggressively parks it—almost hitting a cop.

I follow him as he walks up to the cop in charge and i follow closely, barefoot and looking like hell—I can bet on it.

"Ms.Rolix Jones is reported by her boss for committing a felony by stabbing him in the leg"  The guy finishes speaking as he comes towards me, turning me around by force and asking me to not fight as he handcuffs me forcefully and he starts speaking again.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning." He starts dragging me to the police car but Crawford stops him.

"On what bases are you arresting her? Do you have a warrant ? A proof ? An eye witness of the alleged crime ?" He asks sharply and everyone stands and stares at him—Including me.

"And on what bases are you speaking?" Jack intervenes and the cop shoots him a look, but agrees with him with a nod.

"On the basis of being the attorney of Ms.Rolix" He crossed his arms and i feel surprised but my anxiety drops a notch, yes, he is a stranger but this stranger has done more than anyone tonight and i will have to trust him for now.

"I am Crawford Maximillian King, Owner of king and Preston"

"I pay her salary, she can never afford a beginner in your company" Jack interrupts again and the cop shoots him another glare.

"Well, she afforded me, fully paid—Hence, i recommend you to let my client go as it is if you don't have a real proof or a warrant, because if you take her—" He points at me. "And you get nothing i will sue you and everyone standing here right now for that individuals can only make arrests when they have personally witnessed the criminal behavior and the breach has just occurred or there is a strong likelihood that the breach will continue—Nothing of that applies now, Let.Her.Go" The cops un cuffs me and jack protests.

They convince him to walk away and they go too. Crawford stays. After they're all gone—He gives me a card.

"This is my business card, call and the secretary will route the call, we need to follow this up tomorrow, he needs to be taught a lesson" i take the card and say nothing.




"Crawford" He turns around and i realize that i just said that out loud.

"Come up, please—It's the least i can do" i say and he scans me from head to toe and agrees, we stand in the elevator till we reach my floor, i live in a nice building but i suddenly feel conscious about my small studio, now that i know he's a millionaire and all.

I unlock the door anyway, and turn on the lights; He scans the whole place with his eyes, his lips twitch—either to a frown he's trying to hide or a smile he's trying to falter.

"Feel at home, i will take a quick shower and be back" i say and get in the shower.

Ten minutes later and i'm getting dressed in a loose track pants and a shirt and i hear my front door open and close, i walk out to find Angel holding his set of keys for my place, staring at Crawford.

Crawford who is holding a glass of wine from my cabinet. He makes himself at home alright.

Angel hugs me and twirls me around, examining my face, inch by inch—Crawford coughs and stands up.

"I better leave, call me if you seriously want to sue that pervert" He says and leaves so quickly that i don't even get time to say bye.

The door closes softly after him, the smell of deep cologne and peppermint in the air, mixed with the soft smell of Angel as he squeezes me in his arms.

He stays over and i tell him everything.

We eat and then he falls asleep and i stay, 

I stay, staring at the black business card with the white sleek font on it.

And my tired body and mind drag me to blackness as i let the card rest beside me on the side table.




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