Since you were gone

When everyone leaves for tenrou little Anika is left all alone.when news comes back that there not coming back Anika cried and cried she waited but he never came. How will this story go


1. the beginning

I felt myself being picked up of course I was very light I'm only five years old but the boy that was carrying me has pink hair and he wrapped his scarf around me I wake up where am I mister I ask with the most serious voice I could manage I look at him and he says don't worry we're going to fairy tail where my family is ok? Mister? Yes my dragon left me and I can't find her and she was my mommy I sat between sobs

Natsu's view

Her cute voice is just so adorable when she's trying to sound serious we talk as we head towards my guild she starts to cry I can't find my mommy she crys and falls to her knees well if you join you'll be apart of our family ok she says and tell you what I'll be your big brother ok? Ok she says smiling

A few days later

Big brother! Anika yells as she runs towards natsu she trips and falls on her face she begins to cry as she stands up it hurts ah come here let me see natsu says wiping blood from her lip but big brother look and she shows him her guild mark wow you got it in the exact same place as me yeah and I got it in black she says with a smile

7 years later

Anika's view

Ugh natsu is taking forever! I say as I wait for my brother I asked if I could go with him but he says that I'm not strong enough and I will just get hurt it's not fair I say to Cana well sport your brother is just over protective that's all Cana says drunk just then natsu comes in I run I jump and I hug him what took you so long big brother I say worried just then a blonde haired girl comes in and I brush my long brown hair out of my face and natsu ruffles my hair natsu I say furiously Lucy this is my cute baby sister Anika natsu introduces me hi I say as kind as I can wait hold on are you seven or thirteen? I'm thirteen oh and natsu I learned a new spell! It's a healing spell and I also learned a sky spell and a fire one to! That's great Anika

A few hours later

Lucy's view

Wow everything about this guild is amazing I know how crazy it sounds but I already have a crush on someone a pink haired someone I wish just then I hear Anika say I wish my Freind would come back she says with a frown who is this Freind well two friends actually one went on a a s-class mission and one went on a year mission woah they must be super powerful I say with my mind blown just then the door pounds open and a red haired women holding a sword and a giant tooth walks in erza! Anika runs and hugs erza why hello Anika were you doing allright? Yes erza oh ADHD did you see Erika at all nope sorry just then a raven haired man walks in gray?! Anika runs and hugs gray hey kid how are you doing huh great thanks!

And that's the end of chapter one folks!

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