Since you were gone

When everyone leaves for tenrou little Anika is left all alone.when news comes back that there not coming back Anika cried and cried she waited but he never came. How will this story go


2. I

One month later

Anika's view

Natsu do you have to leave? Yeah why? Because I'll miss you and I know this sounds really selfish but I don't want you to go I say with tears streaming down my face please stay he puts his head on mine and with tears in his eyes don't worry I'm gonna win this for you and hazel ok? He said with his toothy grin yeah ok I hug him and I wave to him Ashe leaves and boards the ship just come ok I scream you got it little sis

Natsu's view

I see Anika's Long brown hair blowing in the wind bye little sis I say with tears bye big bro she shouted back my tiny adorable little sister I thought to my self

A few months later

Anika's view

No no no I say holding my head as tears stream down I fall to my knees please no big brother I say between sobs Romeo comes me hugs me hi hug him back hazel flys above me and hugs me it will be ok I miss happy she said with tears in her eyes I also miss lecter and when we would play together

Seven years later

I'm not tiny anymore I'm the same age as natsu now and my magic has grown extremely I will never forget natsu my hair blows in the wind as I train and train in the rain I use all sorts of spells and now I have mastered all the elements I'm not flat chested anymore I have bigger boobs now there not as big as erzas or Lucy's there a little bit smaller but now I'm not flat chested and now I go to the guild and order raspberry tea and kanana gives it to me just then the guild doors slams open I look and get my magic out it better it be those jerks from Ivan rats but wait I recognize that pink hair a tear runs down my cheek and I start running natsu I scream with tears flowing out of my eyes you came back he looks shocked I don't care he's back!

Natsu's view

Who the hell is hugging me? Wait a minute I remember that hair anika! Wow she's grown a lot

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