Before the Fall

Fanfiction of When the World Falls to Darkness by DragonSoulJess.

The fall has begun. alliances are being formed, and guardians are being rounded up. In a small outpost called Ryoko, a small number of guardians still fight for their freedom.


28. Outsider


    The hut was exactly as Miel had described it- small. The windows were dark, and Kylora felt a surge of worry. With her luck, no one would be home and they wouldn’t be able to find anyone to heal Miel. Kylora banged frantically on the door.

    A voice responded from inside. “Go away!”

    That’s a good omen, Kylora thought grimly.

    “Your sister is injured!” Hylla yelled sharply. “And she needs you to heal her!”

    There was silence for a minute. Then the door slammed open, revealing another angel.

    Kylora had thought Miel was beautiful, but this angel took her breath away. Her eyes were a kaleidoscope of colors- sometimes blue, or green, or brown. She couldn’t decide. The girl had a bright pair of iridescent wings, which she flapped anxiously behind her. Her eyes instantly focused on Miel’s injured body. Then she looked up at Kylora. There was unmistakable hatred in her eyes.

    “You’re that guardian Miel saved,” she said quietly. “Your name is Kylora, yes?”

    “Yes,” Kylora nodded. “My friend Ash is also-”

    “I don’t care,” the angel interrupted. “Bring Miel inside, and I’ll heal her. Then you can go on your way.”

    “Hold on!” Hylla said sharply. “Ash is injured too. He needs to be healed.”

    “He’s a guardian. He’ll heal well enough on his own. And if not, well,” she shrugged, “it’s only one less guardian.”

    Hylla clenched her hands into fists, but Kylora put a hand on her sister’s shoulder to calm her. She may have left her wolf form, but she hadn’t forsaken her wolfish temper. If she got violent now, things would definitely go badly for the angel. Kylora doubted that Miel would appreciate them killing her sister.

    “A deal,” Kylora said quietly. “You heal Ash first, or we leave and take Miel with us.”

The angel laughed. “You think I couldn’t take both of you? Did my sister not tell you about my powers?”

“There are two of us and one of you, pretty girl,” Hylla snarled. “You can only kill one of us.”

“Is that so?” the angel raised her eyebrows. “I would take that challenge, guardian, if I didn’t think you would kill my sister immediately.” She studied Kylora. “Yet you’ve both insulted me. Why should I help you?”

    We’re going about this all wrong, Kylora thought, gritting her teeth. She held out her hands in a placating gesture. “Look. I’m sorry we insulted you. It’s been a harrowing several days. Miel is my closest, dearest friend, and I would never hurt her. But Ash is also close to me. I can’t see him die. This is what Miel would want to.”

    The angel frowned. She looked from Hylla to Kylora, and then back. “Maybe if this one apologizes.”

    “Hylla,” Kylora prompted softly.

    “I’m sorry,” Hylla growled, eyes locking on the ground with a laser stare.

    The angel sighed. “Bring your boy inside.”

    The inside of the hit was simple and minimalistic. They set Ash down on a central table, and the angel studied him with a critical eye. Then she lightly touched her fingertips to his chest. Glimmering light seeped from her fingers into Ash’s chest, and his wounds began to close, healing themselves at a miraculous pace. Kylora gasped softly. She had never seen magic at work, and it was surprisingly beautiful. And yet the angel only seemed saddened by it, like it was some kind of curse. When she finished, Ash let out a soft breath, and his eyes opened. He saw the angel, and gasped softly.

    “Whoa,” he murmured.

    The angel studied him scornfully as he sat up, rubbing his head. He looked around, confused. He saw Kylora, and smiled. She smiled back, relieved. But then the smile faded as his eyes were pulled back towards the angel.

    “Keep your eyes to yourself, guardian,” she said sharply. “I have a good number of knives. And that’s if I decide not to just use magic to snap your neck, understand?”

    “Yes ma’am,” he muttered.

    “And don’t call me ma’am!”

    Ash nodded sheepishly, and quickly hurried to Kylora’s side. Kylora moved past him, and set Miel down on the table. Almost instantly, the angel pushed her away. Kylora flinched, but she retreated hurriedly.

    “Oh Miel…” the angel murmured. “My dear, sweet, misguided Miel…”

    “She’s beautiful,” Ash whispered.

    Kylora shot him a glare, and he blushed.

    “You know what I mean! I promise, that doesn’t change how I feel about you, but…” he looked back to the angel with wide eyes. “Wow.”

    Kylora made a little disgusted sound and turned away from him. Boys. She did her best to mask how hurt she was. She hadn’t pegged Ash as the one that would go lusting over any random girl that he’d just met, but it seemed that she was wrong.

    The angel touched Miel’s throat, and her wound closed. Without turning, she snapped, “Get out.”

    “What?!” Kylora protested.

    “You’ve brought my sister here. Now get out.”

    “Listen, angel-” Hylla began. She didn’t get any further than that. THe angel lifted her hand, and Hylla was whipped backwards against the wall. She gasped sharply, trying to move, but she was held there by an invisible force. Kylora gasped sharply. How powerful was this angel?!

    “No, you listen to me, guardian!” she snapped. “You brought my sister to me, but that doesn’t mean I owe you any favors! I don’t appreciate being talked down to, especially by a guardian! Miel may be fond of your kind, but I have no love for guardians. So you’d better be more respectful to me.”

    “Put her down,” Kylora said softly, trying to keep her voice from shaking. There was blind rage in Hylla’s eyes. If she transformed, Kylora knew things would get dangerous. “Please. For the safety of all of us. We don’t want a fight.”

    “Will you leave?” the angel growled.

    “Yes, if you release her,” Kylora insisted.

    Hylla dropped to the ground. She let out a sharp snarl, but Kylora shot her a glance and she calmed down.

    “Now get out.” There was a wavering to the angel’s voice, and Kylora realized that this angel was afraid of them. All she wanted was to protect Miel. That made Kylora feel guilty. She knew how it felt to worry about a sibling. She wasn’t going to threaten this angel, and force her to let them stay. She had healed Ash and Miel. She had done enough already.

    “Okay,” Kylora said softly.

    She turned to go, when she was distracted by Miel’s voice. “Sister…”

    Kylora spun, as did the angel. Miel’s eyes were half open, and she reached out for her sister, who took her hand.

    “Let them… let them stay,” Miel murmured.

    “We can’t trust them,” the angel hissed. “They’re guardians.”

    “They are my friends. The blond ones are sisters, just like us. They won’t hurt you, or me. Please. For me. Just let them stay. Tomorrow, we’ll leave. But please, tonight, they need a place to stay. They ran far to get me here. Please, don’t turn them away. Not yet.”

    The angel turned to look at them. Her expression was unreadable. Finally, she sighed. “Sit down,” she muttered. “I’ll make us some food, and you can explain to me who you are.”

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