Before the Fall

Fanfiction of When the World Falls to Darkness by DragonSoulJess.

The fall has begun. alliances are being formed, and guardians are being rounded up. In a small outpost called Ryoko, a small number of guardians still fight for their freedom.


16. Fury


    There was a commotion happening inside the human camp. The sounds of yelling reached Hylla’s sharp ears, and she cocked her head to the side, letting out a low growl. Whatever made the humans happy, chances were good it was bad for her. She considered sneaking closer and checking the camp out, but that was risky in full daylight. She resolved silently that later in the night she would sneak closer and discover what they were so excited about. And, if possible, ruin their plans. Just because Kylora had given up didn’t mean Hylla would.

    No, she reminded herself firmly. Kylora didn’t give up. The humans captured her. She’s still fighting somewhere. She has to be. She couldn’t imagine Kylora surrendering to the humans. That was unthinkable. The humans were awful, monstrous, disgusting creatures. Cruel beasts, without pity, compassion, or mercy. No guardian in their right mind would surrender to them. Any sane guardian would rather die first.

    But they break their minds… they shatter their souls, and make them believe that surrendering really is better…

    She gritted her teeth and growled, her hackles raising defensively though there was no enemy in front of her. They wouldn’t break Kylora like that. Kylora is invincible. She’s unbeatable.

    Her thoughts went to Miel, and a tremor ran along her spine. Just for a moment, weakness found its way into her heart. She had left Miel alone, surrounded by humans. Miel was an angel, not a guardian. She didn’t have the gift of a second form like Hylla did. She wasn’t as much of a warrior. She couldn’t slay humans as easily. If they caught her, they could kill her. They would kill her. And Hylla had left her.

    But she called Kylora crazy, Hylla reminded herself. She said Kylora wanted to die. She said she was weak. That’s not right. That’s so horribly wrong. She has to understand how wrong she is. And I don’t need her. I don’t need anyone!

    Despite her thoughts, her vision began to cloud. Her focus was dissolved, and she shrunk back to her human form. She barely had time to gasp for breath before she dropped to her knees and began to cry. She had no idea what had caused her surge of weakness, but once she started crying she couldn’t seem to stop. Tears ran down her face in a virtual waterfall, misery drowning out all coherent thought. All she could feel was incredible loneliness. She hated herself for her feelings- hated herself for needing others- but she had always had someone. Kylora, or Miel, or before either of them, a faceless voice, that had looked after her… every moment of her life, someone had been protecting her, even if she couldn’t always see them.

    She wasn’t sure how long she lay there for her. She longed for someone to find her- to put their arms around her and tell her everything was going to be okay- but of course, no one did. She was alone. She had chosen to be alone. Like a true guardian. There was no one to comfort her, which meant she had to be strong and brave on her own. And she hated it. Why did everything have to be so hard? Why couldn’t someone be there to just pat her on the shoulder and tell her everything would be all right? Would that be so bad?

    No, she reminded herself. You chose the solitary life because you’re stronger than that. You don’t need anyone to comfort you and make everything better. You do that for yourself. You can make your own future better, without anyone else’s help. You’re stronger than them, and that’s a good thing. You can be better than this.

    Slowly, her tears stopped. She forced herself to breathe as she considered her next move. Her first instinct, of course, was to go scout out the human camp. But she had planned to do that tonight. She wasn’t changing that plan now. She was having weak thoughts, but she wasn’t stupid. If she ran in there right now, her mind clouded by loneliness and anger, she would get herself captured, and possibly killed. She had to stop and breathe- give herself time to think straight.

    She closed her eyes, and transformed back into a wolf. As usual, the transformation brought with it a surge of strength, along with a strange feeling of recklessness. She felt powerful- unstoppable. Like she could charge into the human’s camp and kill them all with one sweep of her paw. Those thoughts were ridiculous, but she fed off of them for strength and courage. Humans wanted guardians to fear and shame their second forms. But Hylla would never hate her wolf body. She felt strong and powerful, and that wasn’t a feeling she was going to let go of any time soon. Now that she was alone, her strength was all she could count on.

    Fury began to burn inside of her. She wanted to run into the human camp and tear their throats out, one at a time. She wanted to cover the ground with human blood, and send them fleeing back to their cities. But she had to bide her time and be patient. Attacking the humans now when she was unstable and off balance would just get her killed. And she couldn’t let that happen. Not now. Not when she was poised to spread chaos through the human army. She had to act stealthily, so they wouldn’t catch her. That was the only way to stop them. And so she lay down, and put her head on her paws. She let her luminous green eyes sink closed, and drifted off into a restless sleep.

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