Before the Fall

Fanfiction of When the World Falls to Darkness by DragonSoulJess.

The fall has begun. alliances are being formed, and guardians are being rounded up. In a small outpost called Ryoko, a small number of guardians still fight for their freedom.


25. Fight


    They threw another prisoner into the arena. The fight, if it could be called one, barely lasted a minute before Hylla’s teeth sank into the human’s throat. She snarled as other humans- heavily armed, entered the arena to drag the body out. She let them go, but watched them with dark eyes, warning them that soon it would be their turn, and she would snap their necks like she’d snapped the necks of every victim before them. She growled quietly, and they hurried out quickly. That brought a satisfied smile to her face.

    The humans around her started cheering again. That meant they had thrown a new prisoner into her arena. She turned, already tensing to attack.

    There were two of them. A girl with blond hair, wearing a strange white uniform that was stained with dirt. The other was a young man with pale skin and dark red hair. Neither of them were armed. She had no idea who they were. The blond girl looked vaguely familiar, but Hylla couldn’t place where she had seen her before. She let out a quiet, confused growl in the back of her throat, crouching low to the ground and watching the two of them, waiting for them to make the first move. She liked to see what her prey would do before she killed them. Sometimes they would attack her. That was always entertaining. It made their end much quicker, and saved her having to spend the effort it took to chase them down on her own. She considered lunging at them, just to see how they reacted. But she was tired. She had just killed another human, and she was bored of quick killings. Maybe she would make this one slow, just for a change. See how long it took for them to collapse and die. Maybe that would give her more satisfaction.

    The blond one spoke, but her words were blurred and distorted. Hylla could barely hear her over the sound of blood rushing in her ears. Come now, little cowards, attack me! Test yourselves against a true guardian.

    She let out a growl, to warn them that they had ten seconds to act before she tore out their throats. The blond one stopped speaking and started forwards, but the male grabbed her arm, stopping her. She pulled away from him, and approached, palms out in a pacifying gesture. Hylla almost wanted to laugh. Was this human trying to tame her? Ridiculous.

    She crouched low, and the blond one stopped. When Hylla didn’t lunge, she started forwards again. Hylla let her come. The closer she was, the less time Hylla would spend chasing her before the final, bloody end. The girl was only a few feet away now. She reached out, and placed a hand on Hylla’s head. It was warm. She spoke again. But Hylla was ignoring her words. She was focusing on the warm hand resting on her head. The humans watching had gone silent. Hylla had never let anyone get close enough to touch her, and now she stood there, silent and still as this new victim laid her hand on her predator’s head. But why not? If this girl wanted to chase her own death, she could.

    Hylla let her stand like that for a minute. She waited until the girl had relaxed, and then she lunged. Her paws hit the girl straight in the chest, and knocked her to the ground. The male yelped and started forwards. Hylla tightened her claws on the girl’s chest, and he stopped, eyes wide. Hylla turned back to her latest victim, who stared up at her with wide, terrified eyes. She looked into those eyes, absorbing the human’s terror with a deep, vicious pleasure. She wrapped her agile paw around the girl’s throat, ready to rip it open for the killing blow. She allowed herself another second to take in the helplessness on the male’s face. You’re next. Then she casually. ripped a claw across the girl’s throat.

She looked back to the girl’s eyes, waiting to see the life fade from them. But the girl was still alive.

Hylla’s eyes caught on a dark iron collar. She frowned, and tapped it with a claw. She reached her paw around the back of the girl’s throat, and found the lock. She slipped one of her razor sharp claws into it, and twisted. Something in the lock jammed, and the collar snapped open, falling away from the girl and revealing her exposed, vulnerable throat. Hylla lifted her paw for the killing blow when suddenly she was thrown backwards.

She barely had time to process what was happening until the male was on top of her, struggling to pin her down. She howled and ripped at his chest, but he kept fighting, keeping her away from the girl.

    Then this one will be my first kill!

    She preferred to kill by the throat, but tearing out his heart would work just as well. Blood loss was already weakening him. She paused, just for a moment, and looked him in the eyes with a grim smile.

    You should have stayed back,” she hissed softly.

    That moment of hesitation was what cost her. Something large and heavy slammed into her for a second time, knocking her down. She rolled against the ground, coming to a stop a few feet away from the male, who had slumped to the ground. Before she could rise and attack, a huge, clawed foot landed on her, pinning her to the ground. She looked up, and felt a surge of fear. Standing over her was a massive copper dragon.

    It will kill me, she thought. Then, a guardian. I just tried to kill a guardian.

    “Hylla?” the dragon whispered.

    Hylla stared up at the dragon’s eyes. They were green. Such a beautiful, bright green. She had only seen such green one other time in her life, and that was when she looked in a mirror.

    A tiny thread of memory worked its way up through the crazed levels of her mind. As it reached the surface, she gasped, shock paralyzing her completely.

    I didn’t just try to kill any guardian. I tried kill my sister.

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