Before the Fall

Fanfiction of When the World Falls to Darkness by DragonSoulJess.

The fall has begun. alliances are being formed, and guardians are being rounded up. In a small outpost called Ryoko, a small number of guardians still fight for their freedom.


9. Defeat


    Kylora’s world was pain. She screamed as the human beat her, and burned her. As terrible as the physical pain was, the mental pain was worse. His words harmed her more than a thousand lashes with a whip, and burned inside her, even when the torture ceased. He called her a monster, a freak, a murderer. These words were more than just the generic insults of a human to a guardian. This human hated her personally, for all the humans that she had killed.

    In her mind, she screamed protests. She had been acting in self defense. The humans would have enslaved her and tortured her either way. It didn’t matter what she did. She would always be hunted, always be hated. But she couldn’t speak. The only sounds that came from her lips were constant wailing screams. Those screams seemed to bring pleasure to the human, because when she was silent he beat her harder, and cursed her more viciously, doing his best to elicit another scream from her- another sound of tortured pain.

    Her vision was red, and she had long ago given up on any hope of surviving. It didn’t matter whether or not she surrendered. This human would keep going. He would keep beating her until she fell to the ground, lifeless. There would be no mistakes this time. There would be no angel coming to save her. She would die no matter what she did.

    Part of her accepted her death with numb acceptance. She had known that she would die when she had fought the humans. In a way, she was already dead. She had been dead since the humans first captured her. Her death was just slower, with extreme pain. All she had to do was stay strong, and the end would come eventually. She would sink into nothingness, and never be hounded again. She would rest peacefully forever.

    The thought terrified her.

    It’s not natural for any creature to long for death. Even as Kylora accepted her fate, she strained for a way to evade it. She feared death, and wanted desperately for some other way. One thought kept revolving in her head. If I die, I leave Hylla alone. Her sister needed her. Or maybe it was Kylora who needed Hylla.

    But she deserves a better sister than meher mind protested. Miel could be that for her. Miel was always better than I was…

    It’s easy to be better than I am, living in a life like hers… so free… what would it be like to be able to stay in one place, among others of your own kind? What would it be like to live without nightmares?

    There was one thing she was absolutely sure of it. If she died, those nightmares would never go away. She would relive her torture again and again. It would be like a sleep that never ended, and she couldn’t face a fate like that. She had to live. She had to live. She couldn't just lie down and die.  But what could she do? The human would hate her. He would beat her, and kill her. How could she escape? Even last time, she hadn’t escaped on her own. She had been thrown out into the snow to die. That wouldn’t happen this time. This human wouldn’t be sloppy. Not with her. Not when he hated her so much.

    He stopped beating her, and she slumped against her chains. Tears made tracks down her dirty face, splashing against the floor and mixing with her blood. She gasped for breath, her throat hurting from screaming. Always the same. Only a brief respite, and then it starts again and again and again

    “Do you surrender, guardian?” the human asked.

    Kylora choked weakly. She couldn’t even force herself to speak. No words came from her mouth, only weak whimpers. The human kept talking. This one definitely talked more than the others.

    “You’re on death’s door, guardian,” he continued. “You won’t last much longer. There’s a special place in the darkness for murderers like you.”

    The nightmares… they’ll take me. They’ll drag me down into the darkness forever. Only this time I won’t wake up.

    “There’s a way to live,” the human continued. “A way to end the pain. Say you’ll obey. Say you’ll serve me. And this will all be over.”

    I could die here. And I would never see Hylla again. I left her and Miel alone, being pursued by an army… and they’ll take Hylla and beat her, and they’ll hurt her, and she’ll be too brave to give in…

    And then they’ll kill her, and she’ll be lost to nightmares too.

    “You don’t have to die,” the human continued. “You won’t last another hour of this. Now.” he grabbed her hair, and yanked her head back, so that she was looking up at him. His eyes glinted with cruel pleasure, and she knew he was right. He would kill her without a moment’s hesitation. “Do you surrender guardian?”

    He let go of her hair, and she let her head drop again. Her mind raced. Part of her curled away, determined to die. But another part of her, the part that still held on to life, was stronger. There was no way she could keep going. So she spoke, hating the single word that passed her lips.


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