Before the Fall

Fanfiction of When the World Falls to Darkness by DragonSoulJess.

The fall has begun. alliances are being formed, and guardians are being rounded up. In a small outpost called Ryoko, a small number of guardians still fight for their freedom.


12. Death

    Hylla ghosted through the night in the form of a silver wolf. Her fur blended into the scrubby trees. The only parts of her that were visible were her glowing green eyes. She moved through the night like a shadow. Kylora would be proud of her. One of her favorite memories had been training with Kylora, learning how to fight, how to sneak, how to blend in and hide. The essential skills for the life of a guardian. And now Kylora had been taken away from her by the humans, and Hylla was going to make them pay.

    The human army was camped out in the valley. They had sentries all around, armed with nets and spears, watching out for guardians like Hylla. They didn’t frighten her. They were only humans, after all.

    Only humans’ brought down Kylora, her traitorous thoughts whispered.

    She was surrounded and outnumbered, Hylla thought back viciously. I won’t fall that easily. And Kylora wouldn’t have either. I’ll just be more careful. I’ll be braver. Stronger. They can’t beat me. They won’t beat me. I’ll show them what a true guardian can do!

    She let out a low growl of vicious pleasure. The thought of making humans pay for what they had done was appealing to her. Her claws dug into the ground, the pads of her feet moving silently across the ground. Tonight, some of those humans would die.

    The sound of breathing alerted her to the presence of the first human. She crouched low in the ground, and a moment later a human shuffled into view. One of the sentries. He was clearly bored, and he shifted back and forth, peering into the woods. His eyes passed right over where Hylla was hiding without even pausing. She stayed still and unmoving, preparing herself to pounce. The human looked away, and Hylla lunged- a silver blur of death. In moments, a human was lying dead on the ground.

    Hylla let out a triumphant snarl deep in her throat. One less human that would hurt and hunt her kind!

    Tonight, she intended to simply wander the camp’s perimeter, hunting and attacking individual humans. Later on, she would sneak in and take out their leaders. But for now, she would settle with killing their sentries. That would set them on edge, and make them afraid. Let them feel like the prey for once.

    She slunk away from the sentry’s body. Her eventual goal was to find the human that had taken Kylora. Then she would tear his throat out, and save her sister.

    Not that Kylora needs saving, she reminded herself quickly. She’s holding out. Being strong. There’s no way she would let the humans beat her. She’s stronger than that. Braver than that.

    She froze as she heard the soft scrape of footsteps. She turned, and saw a  brief flash of light. She waited, but nothing happened. Another sentry? But there was silence, and she figured she was imagining it.

Then footsteps alerted her to the approach of another sentry. There was no time to hide. She considered what to do, her mind racing. She could turn and run. She would be a dark blur in the forest- nearly invisible to human eyes. But she couldn’t stand the thought of leaving one of them alive. And besides, she was a guardian! She had the power to kill a human with a single swipe of her claws, or a snap of her jaws. They should fear her, not the reverse. Humans were weak, and pathetic creatures. Why had the guardians ever allowed themselves to be beaten down in the first place?

    Hylla crouched, and as the sentry neared her, she lunged.

    Her jaws closed around the sentry’s neck with a resounding snap, cutting off his scream. He fell to the ground dead, and she growled with satisfaction. Die, human.

    If she had her way, she would kill every human in the army the same way. They had come here hoping to kill the guardians, or imprison them and take them away like they’d done to Kylora. Well Hylla was here to show them that they never should have left their kingdom. She would destroy them, just like they would destroy her if they got the chance.

    She considered keeping up her patrol. There were many more humans for her to harm. But for now, these two would serve as a warning. She growled at their corpses, then ghosted away into the night.

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