Our Troubles

In my last book, Stacy and Ron became a couple - but a girl called Katy stood in their way. This time, Stacy has an even bigger problem. Will this problem be as easy as the last one or will her relationship with Ron end?


4. Chapter 3

     After I got out of the hospital and arrived at school the next day, everyone knew about what happened from what Katy did to Ron to what I did to Katy. All of her friends were giving me glares, but everyone that loathed her congratulated me. I had a few people give me a pat on the back, but others knew what Ron did in the hospital and just felt sorry for me. It felt good to be known for once until that afternoon.

     After lunch one of Katy's friends came up to me and screamed, "You son of a bitch. You shouldn't even be at this school," but all they could do was yell and lightly punch me in the arm."

     Ron ended up coming up to me with the saddest face ever to apologize. "I'm so sorry Stacy. I know what I mean to you, but I don't want you to get in anymore fights and I don't want you to get mad when my child is born. That's why I broke up with me. I don't want anyone to go through what you've gone through. I didn't even want you to go through what you went through," at this point he'd already started crying. I took him in my arms for what I know would be the last time, so I made it last. Once he pulled away, even though we aren't dating anymore, I leaned in and kissed him for the last time.

     I know before anything gets any worse I should walk away, so I turned and slumped off. I wasn't sad, but then again I wasn't happy. I've never felt this way before. Never, but I knew that this is what it's going to be like in the future, so I've got to get used to it.

     I walked away from everything I ever wanted and found myself standing in front of Callie. Yes, in front of Callie. "Callie, can I talk to you?" I needed to act before Jack came up to us or she walked away from everything I ever gave her. "Look Callie, I'm sorry for coming up to you and yelling at you. I'm sorry for being different for once. I know you're still mad at me and so is Jack, but I needed to apologize. I know you guys are never going to forgive me, but I wanted to tell you how sorry I am. You can be mad at me for a long time, but I just want to be civil with you. Hell Cathy and Rose don't even know I'm doing this and they're not going to know. I really don't even care. They can't tell me not to apologize to you. I mean Cathy apologized to Jack, I apologized and forgave my ex for him using me. I got over that. It's time for me to get over this. Something came over me; that was the maddest I've ever been in my life. I'm sorry Callie could you ever forgive me?"

     Callie looked at me like she knew I was telling the truth. "I want to Stacy, but it's going to take some time. I will tell you this one day in the future I will forgive you, but I don't know about forgetting it."

     "That's all I needed to know, because I don't think anyone will ever forget this. Unless it's me and you forget things easier than wanting to," we smiled weakly.

    In the end I forgave Callie, understood Ron and lived my life, but there was still one thing. Usually in a love story there is someone murdered. 

     I went to Katy's house and knocked. When the door opened and Katy stepped out, I pulled the knife in my pocket out and slashed my throat. In the very end I forgave, forgot, and left the place that was full of bad memories. My soul moved on to another body, but really I never forgot my old life, just retaliated from it.

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