Our Troubles

In my last book, Stacy and Ron became a couple - but a girl called Katy stood in their way. This time, Stacy has an even bigger problem. Will this problem be as easy as the last one or will her relationship with Ron end?


3. Chapter 2

     The next day I walked up to Katy, looked her in the eye, balled my fist, and punched. The impact made me relax; knowing that I knocked some sense into her.

    Ron showed up just in time to see me back up from Katy, and ran over. "Stacy, what did you do?" But I think I answered his question by Katy's bloody face and my busted knuckle. "Stop, before you make it worse for yourself! I know she did what she did, but I don't want you to get yourself expelled," but I forced him off me and went at her again. I just wanted her to pay for what she did. No one does something that sexual to my boyfriend and gets away with it.

    The next thing I remember was yelling and me getting pulled off Katy. I was thrown up against the wall, and blacked out. Once I woke up I was still sitting up against the wall, but there weren't as many people in the hall anymore. Jack, Ron, and Katy were leaning up against the wall, Katy holding a paper towel, and there was a teacher I didn't recognize. I opened my mouth to speak, but when I glanced at Ron he just shook his head no. I was so busted. 

     "Stacy, do you remember anything?" The teacher asked softly. I honestly did, but I just shook my head. There were parts I couldn't remember; like who threw me, and exactly what I did to Katy. Just, what happened? I looked at Katy then at the teacher with a questionable look. "Did I do that?" I forced out.

     I knew I shouldn't of said anything because as soon as I shut my mouth I got queasy and threw up. Ron rushed to my side even though the teachers tried to push him off. "She could be seriously hurt and you're just sitting here! You need to get up off your asses and call the ambulance!" So at his command, the teacher got up, pulled his phone out, and started to dial.

     I don't remember much after that, but I know that when I woke up I was in a hospital bed. I looked around the room, but I wasn't alone. "Ron! What are you doing here?" Even though it was an obvious answer I still asked.

     Ron answered back with an emotionless tone, "We need to talk."

     "Well I'm not going anywhere, so let's talk," I said a little too enthusiastically considering I felt something unacceptable was about to transpire. "But I can tell you now I may not stay awake for long."

     I don't think he was listening anyways because he just started talking. "Look Stacy, I really love you, but there's just so much going on. I mean..." he paused. "I'm going to be a father, and it's hard for me..." I cut him off.

     "So you feel like you have to end it. This is it. It's the end. You just come and go like the rest do. None of them can stay longer than a weekend or week, but if they do stay longer they end up using me, calling me names, or just blowing it off. I'm not worth it. I get it."

     Ron glanced at me, but decided to look away because of the hurt on my face. "I'm sorry Stacy. I didn't want to hurt you this way. I didn't want it to end like this. I wasn't using you, I promise. I..." but before he could finish I stared at him and said, "Leave. I want you to leave."

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