Her Mates

Ashlynn Monroe is an 18-year-old werewolf and the Beta of her pack. She hasn't found her mate yet, but one day when her Alpha calls her into his office to give her the news that she would be spending the next few weeks in another pack that has multiple Alphas. What happens when she finds out that the Alphas turn out to be her mates.

Will she stay with them or will she return to her old pack?


8. Chapter 8

Caiden’s P.O.V

To be honest I expected a bigger reaction from her but I am glad that she took it so calmly. I didn’t want to leave her alone but she said that she was tired and wanted to get some sleep. I am pretty sure that none of us wanted to leave her but Cain thinks that she wants some time to process all the information that we have just given her.

I’m so glad that the rogue attacks have died down for now because I really want Ashlynn to be safe till she settles down and gets used to the pack. Speaking of the pack and rogues I need to speak to Ashlynn and my brothers about starting to train my warriors to be better.

“Hey, Cain.” I said gaining both Cain and Caleb’s attention.

“Yeah.” He answered

“When are, we getting Ashlynn to start training the warriors?” I asked

“I’m not sure but we are going to have to start soon because we never know when the rogues are going to come back.” He replied walking into the office with us following.


Ashlynn’s P.O.V

I wasn’t actually tired I just wanted to be alone to take all of this new information in. It makes sense, the way we have to do the mating process but I was shocked by the way they described it. Although it has made me nervous and making me starting to question if being with three men is a good idea it’s not going to make me change the way I feel about them and I’m not going to reject any of them just so it would be one or two of us. Even though I have only known them for a few days but I love all three of them equally and nothing is going to change that.

I am curious about one thing though… when will I start training the pack? I need to find them and ask them about it. I got up out of bed and left the room to go find my mates – I like the sound of that – which I think they are in their office. I didn’t take me that long to get to their office. I knocked on the door and heard come in. I walked in and my mates where sitting around the desk planning something. I walked further into the room and stopped a little way in front of the desk. Caiden motioned for me to go over to him, when I reached him a gave a little yelp because he lifted me up and placed me on his lap.

“What is it you need?” Cain asked

“I wanted to know when I was going to start training the pack.” I answered

“We were just talking about that,” Caleb started to say “and we decided to let you start training them when you are ready”

I nodded along to what he was saying, I might start training them tomorrow then. I shared my idea with them and they agreed, they sent a message through the pack link telling everyone over the age of eighteen to meet on the training field at noon. I was about to get up so I could go back to my room and try to sleep but Caiden’s arm stopped me.

“Before you leave we also have a question for you.” He stated

“And what would that question be?” I asked getting a bit curious because in all of the time I have been here they have hardly ever asked me questions.

“Well it’s more like to questions actually.” Cain corrected. I motioned for them to carry on and ask their questions.

“When would you like to have the ceremony for you to be officially accepted into the pack?” Caleb asked.

Hmm… that’s a tough question, maybe this weekend. Yeah, this weekend is a good idea.

“This weekend.” I replied, they looked a bit shocked that it’s going to happen so soon but after they recovered they had a look of joy covering their whole face.

“Last question, when would you feel comfortable doing the mating process?” Caiden asked. Now that question is an even tougher one.

“Hmm… if we do it this weekend the night of the ceremony then that would be to in one and not only that you look like you’re hoping that I won’t make you wait to long for it.” I answered. There was a few minutes of silent but then they all started cheering and hugging me.


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