Her Mates

Ashlynn Monroe is an 18-year-old werewolf and the Beta of her pack. She hasn't found her mate yet, but one day when her Alpha calls her into his office to give her the news that she would be spending the next few weeks in another pack that has multiple Alphas. What happens when she finds out that the Alphas turn out to be her mates.

Will she stay with them or will she return to her old pack?


2. Chapter 2

Cain’s P.O.V

Mine and my brothers pack have been having trouble with rogues lately so we asked our closest family friend of he would be able to send his strongest fighter to stay with us until this rogue problem either goes away of dies down. My brothers and I know that the strongest fighter of the Silvermoon pack is a female, who is called Ashlynn Monroe and is the beta of the pack. Since Alpha James said he was going to send Ashlynn to help us me and my brothers have been on edge lately and our wolves aren’t helping because they keep getting really excited. Ashlynn should be here soon so we have some of the pack members getting her room ready and she will be staying on the floor which is for the Alphas and betas of our pack and visiting packs.


Ashlynn’s P.O.V

*1 hour later*

I have just arrived on the Moonstone packs land. I parked my car outside of the pack house which looks more like a 6-story mansion than a pack house. I got out of the car leaving my stuff in the trunk, walking to the door I got hit with a mouth-watering smell, ignoring the smell I carried on walking to the door. I knocked on the door and patiently waited.

“Are you Ashlynn Monroe?” Someone asked.

“Yes, who are you?” I asked nicely.

“I am beta Logan,” he replied “the alphas are expecting you, they are waiting in their office with you.” He started walking not even looking back to see if I was following.

It didn’t take us that long to reach the alphas office but when we got there the smell I smelt earlier was the but stronger and there were two other scents mixed in with it to.

“The alphas are ready to see you now.” Beta Jackson said, opening the door for me and then closing it behind me.

I walked further into the room and heard something I having been waiting to hear since I was 16.

“Mate!!!” Three voices said at once.

“How are all three of you my mates?” I asked really confused.

“I don’t know sweetheart, but we are going to love you equally no matter what happens.” The one furthest away from me said.

“Ok, but I won’t have mates if I don’t know their names.” I said sitting on the sofa in front of the window.

“Well we know your name is Ashlynn Monroe, I am Caiden White.” Introduced the one closest to the door.

“I am Cain White.” Said the one on the other end.

“And last but not least I am Caleb White.” I just nodded not sure what else to say about the whole 3 mates idea.

Caleb’s P.O.V

She is perfect everything we have been waiting for.

Caiden’s P.O.V

She is so beautiful and looks so innocent.

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