Being Amber

Without any memory of her past and not knowing why people react to her as they do, Amber has to learn to survive in the hard underworld of the City, among gangs and the unwanted citizens.
Her appearent resemblance with Ben's dead girlfriend, places her in the middle of a war that easily can cost her and others their lives.
In her quest to find her identity Amber has to learn to tell friend from foe, see behind the lies and decide if Ben's past matters at all.
When Ben asks Tom to train Amber he gets pulled into the war happening around him, far more than he wants to be.
Tom's alliance with Ben hangs in a thin tread when he not only falls in love with Amber but also starts a relationship with Kattie, who already has a boyfriend in Clay, Ben's second in command.
Will Amber ever find out who she really is ?
And how Will they get through the war ?


32. Wedding gone wrong



 I tried playing the obedient daugther the next morning at breakfast. I was keeping my eys at the table, didn't eat before my father told me I could and I didn't speak a word, even though my head was about to explode from all the things I wanted to say.

  Christopher was sitting next to my father and as they sat there they were both tyrants. They were both men that would do anything for power. They were men who was willing to sacrifice my life, because I was in the way.

 "Your arm has been treated". My father suddenly said and send me an angry glare. "Who has done that for you ?"

 "I have done it myself". I answered without looking at him.

 "Impossible". My father hissed.

 "Actually not". Christopher interrupted. "Several of the people in the underworld is capable of doing things like that. It isn't impossible that they have taught her how".

 My father gave an annoyed snort.

 I didn't react when I heard the doorbell and the way to young girl my father had bought as a house help and his personal plaything, come in telling us that a man is asking for Christopher. I had to fight myself not to look up when Christopher got up and walked to get the door. My father suddenly got up and followed him, which hadn't been part of the plan. But we just had to improvise around that.

 On the other hand there was no longer anyone to keep an eye on how I behaved. My mother didn't say anything when I got up and sneaked to the kitchen door, so I could listen to them.

 It was of course Zac that had shown up. I knew he and the others had been working all night long to get all the papers neede in place. Some was more legitimate than others, but in the end it was mostly about Christopher taking the bait.

 "Mr Noble". I heard Zac's voice. I could imagine how he was shaking hands with his own father and wishing he could break his neck. "I actually came to have a chat with Christopher here".

 "Is this someone you know Chris ?" My father asked.

 "More like someone Sarah knows". Christopher said. "What do you want Zac ?"

 "To give you this". Zac's voice was confident. "I know that Amber is forced to marry you today and I also know that you plan on killing her afterwards. Let me make it completely clear. As long as Amber is alive, this knowledge in the folder, stays between us. If she dies, or disappears or if she asks me to do so, then I will come forward".

 "What is it ?" I could hear that my father was guarded. I dared looking around the door. Christopher was flipping through the papers.

 "How can I trust that this is legit ?" Christopher asked. "I happen to know that you make a living of making counterfeit documents".

 "The question is if you are willing to take the risk". Zac answered. "It isn't like a simple DNA test wont prove it".

 "What is it ?" My father repeated himself, this time he sounded angry.

 "Prove that I am your rightful heir". Zac answered, turning his attention to mine or rather our father. "Proof that my mother, your wife, asked the midwife to get rid of me, because she didn't wanted kids to grow up near you. You do know were all unwanted citizens end up , don't you ?"

 "Come with me". My father stepped aside and I hurried back on my chair in the kitchen.

 "I'm sorry mom". I whispered to her. I didn't have time to say anything else, before my father stepped into the kitchen, followed by Christopher and Zac. He stepped over to my mother and pulled her to her feet. I saw how his fingers dug into her arm.

 "Is it true ?" My father hissed angrily. "Is this man our son ? Did you hide a child from me ?"

 "I don't know". My mother refused to look at Zac. "I asked them to kill him". She whispered hoarsly. My father shook her violently. "I asked her to kill them both, but you got in the way". I could hear the pain in my mothers voice.

 My fathers reaction was to throw my mother hard against the wall, before he turned to me. "Did you know this ?" He yelled angrily.

 "No". I shook my head and kept my eyes at the plate, while my hand tightened around the knife I was hiding under the table.

 "How many people know about this ?" My father asked and turned his attention away from me again. "How many people knows the truth ?"

 "Only the ones in the room". Zac answered.

 "John, let them die together, what is the problem with that ? He came from the underworld to safe her, it ended in a fight and they lost". Christopher said. "The priest will be here in a minute and as soon as the papers has been signed, they will no longer be a problem".

 "You underestimates me Christopher". Zac said calmly. "Do you really think that I would walk in here all alone, without a back-up ?" Zac started laughing.

"You came alone". Christopher pointed out.

 "Because I already had the best back-up imaginable in here". Zac answered, nodding towards me. "Oh and right now I have three trained snipers outside the house, all three has you in their crosshair dear father". Zac looked at our father. "So I would recommend that you stay perfectly still while Amber tells you her conditions to Christopher".

 I stood up and calmly stepped between them. Having the knife in my hand helped a bit with my nerves. "I am going to sign the papers and agree to marry you". I ignored my father and only looked at Christopher. "After that you let me walk out of here and you never have to see me again. According to the laws about inheritance you get to keep both the money and my name if I die or the marriage last more than three months. Three months from now you are free to pronounce me unwanted if you want to. You will let me and Zac live our lives in peace and let me be Amber. Then Zac promises to never claim his parentage or his rightful inheritance". 

 "Or we could do it my way". Christopher suggested.

 "The only alternative is that I kill the both of you and disappear". I said calmly.

 "Do you think you are stronger than me ?" Christopher stepped towards me, his demeanour was threatening. "Do you think you can measure up to me ?"

 "I don't think anything Christopher". I shook my head smiling slightly. "I know. Without a promise from you, I ain't signing anything or saying yes to anything".

"And without your promise a copy of those papers are going to the best lawyers in the city and I want what is rightfully mine". Zac backed me up.

 "Very well then". Christopher reached his hand towards me. "I agree to your terms". The anger was apparent in his eyes and I had no doubt that if he got the chance I would be dead in a flash.

 "Everything to get power". I mumbled as I shook his hand.

 At that moment the doorbell sounded. My father quickly picked my mother of the floor, were she was still sitting, sobbing quietly. Everybody was back in their roles, when the priest was shown into the kitchen. My father presented Zac as Christopher's brother instead of mine.


 It wasn't like there was anything different to being married, I felt no better or worse for it. There were no freedom or lack thereof connected to it.

 Everyone kept up their facade until the priest had left the mansion, then everything went tits up. Suddenly Christopher had a gun to Zac's head and our father had one pointed at me.

 My mother was sitting in a chair wailing. As always she was of no use and wouldn't be defending me.

 "Did you really think you could cheat us ?" My father said angrily. "That I would let you live and make me look bad".

 "No". I answered. "But apparently you thought you could cheat us. You disappoints me the most Christopher. You should know the underworld and what we are capable of".

 Three windows were smashed simultaneously as Kattie, Tom and Kress came through them. At the same time I heard the fromt door get kicked of it's hinges.

 "I might be repeating myself here. But did you really think I would come here without back-up ?" Zac smiled cheekily at Christopher, who had both Kattie and Tom's guns pointed at him. Kress had his gun on my father, as he slowly approached him.

 "Shoot him". My father commanded. "Shoot them both". I saw his finger pressing down on the trigger and in the last moment I ducked and rolled into him. His second shot graced my shoulder, but then I was on him, and stabbed him through the calf. After that I left it to Kress to handle him and turned my attention to Christopher. Ben and KC had joined us.

 "Either you die right now or you co-operate with us". I held his gaze until he dropped his gun to the floor and kicked it over to Zac. "You won't regret it". I send him a sarcastic smile.

 "I will make sure you all get eliminated". My father yelled, not caring that Kress had his gun on him. "You are unwanted, every single one of you and when we start working with the president, you will all be dead".

 "Anyone here that is going to miss the man ?" Kress asked resignedly. "Amber ? Zac ?"

 "Take Christopher outside". Zac asked and stepped up beside me. The only one stayning in the room with us was Tom.

 Tom stepped up to my father, glaring down at him. I had never seen Tom as angry as now, he was practically shaking with rage. "I know what you have done. I have seen every mark you have left on her". His voice was threatening but low. "You are a dead man".

 "Well bye bye daddy". Zac raised his gun, pressing it to our fathers forehead. Tom grabbed me, turning me away. But I still heard the shot and the sound of my fathers body hitting the floor.

 I have never cared for my father and I won't cry a single tear for him. But it reminded me how fragile life is and that gave me a lump in my throat. That and my mothers screams.

 "Pricilla". Tom was quick to let go of me and try to calm down my mother. I didn't want to do,it. I just wanted to get as far away as possible.

 "Everything is going to be okay now". Zac promised me, as he lead me out through the kitchen. "You are coming home with us, Christopher got the power he wanted and our father can never touch you again". You couldn't tell he had just killed a man. That he had killed his own father.


 Ben and Kress still had their guns pointed at Christopher when we got outside. Zac quickly took over from Ben, so I could let myself slip into his arms. Even though we were still in a tense situation, I just had to kiss him. I had to know that I was still his.

 It wasn't a long kiss, before Ben ended it and we turned to Christopher. Zac spoke up. "John Nobel is dead". He declared. "We are taking Amber and Pricilla with us and we will give anyone working here the same offer".

 "Why kill him ?" Christopher asked. "She belong to me now, he couldn't touch her anymore no matter what".

 "Let it be a reminder that anyone who tries to kill my sister will die". Zac took a step towards Christopher. "I don't care about the Nobel name and I don't care about the money or the power that comes with it. But I do care about her and I care about the underworld. If you do anything to harm us and especially her, then the truth will get out and I will be claiming my rightful inheritance".

 "They will blame you for his dead". Christopher pointed out. "They will revenge it".

 "Then let them come". Zac sneered.

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