Being Amber

Without any memory of her past and not knowing why people react to her as they do, Amber has to learn to survive in the hard underworld of the City, among gangs and the unwanted citizens.
Her appearent resemblance with Ben's dead girlfriend, places her in the middle of a war that easily can cost her and others their lives.
In her quest to find her identity Amber has to learn to tell friend from foe, see behind the lies and decide if Ben's past matters at all.
When Ben asks Tom to train Amber he gets pulled into the war happening around him, far more than he wants to be.
Tom's alliance with Ben hangs in a thin tread when he not only falls in love with Amber but also starts a relationship with Kattie, who already has a boyfriend in Clay, Ben's second in command.
Will Amber ever find out who she really is ?
And how Will they get through the war ?


34. Tom vs. Zac



 Ben waited for me to be of my shift at the club and drove me home on the back of his bike. I pressed myself into his back, not because I was scared any longer, but because I liked the feeling of his body against mine.

 When we reached the apartment, he pulled me into his arms in the hallway and I expected a goodnight kiss as usual. But he kissed me with such a burning desire, that I didn't resist when he gently pulled me with him into his room.

 Every touch and every kiss, left a burning fire inside me and a want for more. More of him. And I desperately pulled at his clothes, wanting to feel his warm skin, to be as close as possible.

 My hands ran over his naked body as he was nippling and kissing on my neck. He was all sinewy muscles and long strong limbs and I found him to be incredibly sexy.

 "Are you okay ?" He asked softly, knowing that I had no experience beside what my father and uncle had  forced upon me. I nodded, and ran my hand up to cup his cheek. "I am more than okay Ben".

 He slowly removed the rest of my clothes, his hands and mouth caressing every inch of skin he exposed. Then he gently laid me down on the bed. "I love you so much Amber. I would do anything for you".

 "I love you to Ben". I answered, the adoration on his face made me want to cry. No he might not be perfect. He might even be trouble and come with a lot of baggage. But he was mine and I was his. And this was how it was meant to be.

 He kissed down my neck to my breasts, slowly circling my nipple and when he finally let his warm tongue flicker over it, I was already a gasping mess. He sucked it into his mouth making me moan. I wished I had only known touches like his.

 I couldn't keep my hands of him, touching, grabbing and running my nails over skin wherever I could reached. My lips trying to reach skin, kissing his arms, shoulders and face whenever possible.

 He positioned himself over me, looking into my eyes, his forehead resting against mine, his lips ghosting over mine, as he slowly thrusted into me, making me gasp his name.

 As he started to move, I hooked one leg up on his hip. All I felt was him, his desire so intense that it broke down all barriers. It was like we melted together as one and everything just felt right. When he pulled me over the edge into an unknown sea of pure pleasure I had to fight down tears of pure joy.

 He pulled me into his arm, kissing my neck softly as he whispered. "Thank you for trusting me baby". I snuggled closer to him, smiling to myself. "Thanks for waiting for me to be ready".


 I woke up next to Ben in the morning. His arm was lodged over me, holdig the blanket in place around me. But I was very much aware that I was naked under it. The memories of the night before made me smile to myself.

 "Morning my princess". His voice sounded, followed by his lips softly pressed against the nape of my neck.

 "How did you know I was awake ?" I turned around, so I could look at him. He was already dressed, laying totally relaxed studying me.

 "Your breathing changed slightly and you smiled". He told me, before lovering his lips to mine, kissing me in a way. "Kattie has taken your sales shift today. It is time for you to get your tattoo".

 I kissed him back, pulling him closer to me. My whole body was burning with longing to feel him again, to have him just as mine.

 "However much I like were this is heading". He whispered softly and kissed my neck. "It is time for us to get out of bed. We have a lot to do today and it is time you officially step into my leader group as well". He sat up and let go of me. "We are out of here in 10 minutes".


 It didn't take long to get the tattoo. Ben had a tattoo artists in the gang, who had his own little place down by the tourist area and we skipped the line and came directly into the back room. The owner drew my S in free hand, as he had done it so many times. I choose that mine should be smaller and less flashy than the others. I also got mine on the back of my neck, it gave me the same rights as a second in command.

 I hardly felt the pain. It was nothing compared to what else I had gone through in my life, both before and here in the underworld.

 After that I went with Ben to see how he actually spend his days, getting an insight into the tasks Ben had to do and that he didn't distributed to us others. Kattie helped him sometimes as his second in command, but this was what put him apart, that proved him the leader.

 We visited every apartment and talked to the passive members. Ben asked them how they were doing, how the kids were coming along and he went to visit the members that was sick or injured. It took most of the afternoon and I started realising why Ben was so much away even though he had fewer work shifts than the rest of us.

 We bought dinner with us from the common kitchen and for once everyone was present. We sat around the table like a normal family, talking about our day and everyday stuff.

 Well except that here everyday stuff was Kattie telling about the sale of VIP tickets, Hope telling about her training and KC sharing his episode with a couple of Sunny's people. Normal people probably didn't talk war over the dinner table.

 "By the way have you heard that Zac and Tom has challenged each other for the figth night this evening ? It has been years since they did that". Kattie told. "They announced it earlier today. And Tom has put the tickets at half price, everyone is going to be there for this".

 "Fight night ?" I asked.

 "Every second week The Eagles hosts fight night". Ben explained. "Everyone from our alliance are welcome and everyone kan challange everyone. This is the nights were all the prejudices about us is born". He didn't really seem to enthusiastic.

 "Ben stopped coming after Amber died". Kattie explained. "We all stopped going". She added. "It is a night of great music, cool fights and a lot of very drunk people. Tom and Drew has to okay you to figth. You can't fight if you are drunk, on drugs or injured to much". She explained.

 "Everyone I know is going tonight". KC chipped in. "I mean Zac and Tom against each other ? It hasn't happened in like forever and the are pre announcing it. It is going to be epic".

 "Are you asking permission to go ?" Ben asked. "You do remember that you almost died less than a week ago right ?"

 "I have never been before". KC shrugged and stuffed more food in his mouth, it was impressive how much that kid could eat. "I am not thinking about going in the ring, but my wound won't open just from be being there".

 "Well I think you are mature enough to make your own decisions". Ben answered. "But I suggest that you keep out of trouble for at least one more week and not move to much about. I rather have you ready for the war even if it means missing fight night".

 "I am most definately going". Kattie said with a huff. "Someone needs to patch up Tom after Zac has been at him, and I won't have one of his sleezy skanks doing it".

 "Okay, just go then. I'll stay home with Hope". KC sighed theatrical.

 "I don't know.. ". Ben was hesitant. I actually wanted to go quite badly, but I wanted it to be Ben's decision.

 "Come on Ben". Kattie tempted him. "Just like old days. I might even challange you to a fight".

 Ben looked at me and I got a feeling that he was trying to decide whether I was ready to see this side of my friend and of the underworld.

"Okay then". He finally said. "Don't wear anything pretty Kat. Remember you promised me a fight".


 Tom and Zac would face off in the first fight. While the band was playing, it was possible to bet money on the result and they spent the time warming up a bit in front of the ring. Ben, Kattie, Drew and I was standing on the floor down in front of the ring.

 The band packed up as Tom and Zac stepped into the ring. Everyone went silent, like the entire audience held their breath. But when they first got started people started whistling and cheering and the noise leve exploded.

 I had seen Tom in the ring before of course, but only for training and never against Zac. Their every movement was so fast and precise that it looked like something they had rehearsed. It was impossible to count how many times they struck each other, but they just kept going like they didn't even feel it.

 I felt my heart hammering in my throat, it was impressive to see the speed, strength and tactical knowledge they both possessed. But on the other hand it was my twin brother fighting my... yeah what was Tom to me ? I honestly had a hard time finding a word. My very best friend, my confidant, someone I cared deeply about. Seeing them hit each other that way kind of made me uneasy, they didn't hold back.

 At some point Zac had Tom down on the floor for several seconds and it looked like Zac, had the upper hand. Not that he eased up and he got a couple of really bad hits in. Kattie grabbed my arm and I could feel her fear. She was actually scared that Zac would hurt Tom for real.

 But suddenly Tom was up so fast he knocked Zac backwards and seconds later Zac was hanging in the ropes and Tom was the one punching trough. I wasn't able to see them clearly, but I could easily see that they were both hurt. Badly hurt.

 "Shouldn't someone stop them ?" I nervously asked Ben. "They are going to kill each other".

 "They know when the game is over". Ben answered without taking his eyes of the fight.

 "No.. not those two. They are both to focused on winning, none of them will give in". I said, feeling a lump in my throat. "They will keep going until one of them can't go on".

 At that moment Zac got a fist through Tom's defences, sending him head first into the floor. He was laying completely still, and I felt a rush of pure fear. Then Zac rolled him over and I could see them whisper something to each other, I couldn't hear it though.

 Second later Zac helped Tom up, and they both nodded towards Drew, who stood up and declared the fight over and announced Zac as the winner.

 While the arena erupted in applause and cheering, me and Kattie ran down to Zac and Tom, who was getting helped down by Drew and Kress. Ben followed us much more relaxed.

 "You are a couple of wankers you know, you make the girls all worried and scared you'll get hurt when you do that". Ben said. Kattie grabbed Tom's arm, helping him sit down on a chair, so she could check over his wounds.

 "We had it totally under control". Tom said, his words very much distorted by his nose. It was clearly broken and blood was dripping steadily from it.

 "Let me handle that". Ben gently pushed Kattie aside, and grabbed Tom's nose, twisting it unceremoniously back in place. I could see the pain in Tom's eyes, but then it was over and the blood stopped running.

 "Do you think they got enough of a show ?" Zac asked and looked over at Tom. Kress was cleaning out his knuckles.

 "They definitely got their money's worth". Tom answered, his voice almost normal. "Let the other figths begin Drew".

 The next couple of fights got nowhere near the first one. Most were over before they could really get exciting.

 There was a roar of excitement when Ben and Kattie went into the ring against each other. I was sitting next to Tom, who already looked much better. I had a thight grip on his arm. I was worried for Kattie, to me Ben was untouchable, I had alwys expected him to be among the best. "Aren't you worried about Kattie, Tom ?"

 "Worried about Kattie ? Why would I be ? No I am far more worried about Ben". He chuckled. And Tom was right. Kattie was exceptional and Ben kept up for about five minutes, before he had to be carried out by Kress and Drew.

 I ran down to Ben, Tom following behind. And I might have been fuzzing just a bit over Ben while Kress took care of his injuries.

 "Hey you know the upside to loosing Ben". Tom asked smiling. "You get to have the full attention of beautiful women fuzzing over you". Kattie had been fuzzing a great deal over him too.

 "Yeah sorry but not sure that counts, when you already got the full attention of said beautiful women". Kress told him, gently moving me out of his way so he could get on with his work. "Ben is done in the ring for today". Kress announced. "And he might not be much worth tonight either". He said winking at me.

 "Oh it is never going to be that bad". Ben laughed, and managed to sit up. Tom and Kress helped him over to sit on the first row of benches and I was quickly beside him, putting my arm around him.

 "I am okay baby". Ben smiled at me. We watched Tom and Kress get into the ring, the each had a microphone in their hand. Tom took the floor.

 "If I can have everyone's attention for a moment please". He asked and waited for everyone to calm down and be quiet. "I kind of had a hidden agenda with my fight against Zac and the half price on the entrance. We kind of wanted as many as possible from all gangs to show up. There is something Ben, Kress and I want to tell you".

 I looked questioningly at Ben, who shrugged. He looked just as lost as I felt.

 "Three years ago we went to war". Kress continued. "I sent you to war without telling you the truth about why. Most of us were in the battles and the few who weren't have heard about it. That war was never finished. For three years it has been lurking just underneath the surface, threatening to break out again. Everyone feared it would happen when we got a new Amber, but it didn't. Not before now".

 "Oh fucking hell". Ben hissed. "What the hell do they think they are doing here". Kattie hushed him.

 "Zombie wants to end the war. He wants Ben dead". Tom said very directly. "He is willing to accept one price for not starting a new war. A price Ben don't dare tell you, because he is scared it will make you see him as bad person because he can't get himself to pay it". Tom looked down a Ben. "Sorry Ben, this time I had to go behind your back. Because it is a price none of us are willing to pay". 

 "Zombie's price for peace is Amber". Kress said.

 "What ?" I looked at Ben why didn't you tell me that ?"

 "Because I know you". Ben answered me, taking my hand in his. "Please promise me that you won't go surrender yourself to him. It wouldn't make peace".

 "Tom and I, together with our seconds in command all agree that it can never be an option to let Zombie have Amber. We all know her and like Ben we have all fallen for her, well in a slightly different way though. Amber is and will always be a part of The Stars after it has been proven that she is Zac's sister. And The Stars don't hand over their own to the enemy".

 "And Amber is an Eagle. We.. I trained her and she has changed several of us". Tom said passionately. "Amber ending in the hands of Zombie will be over my dead body".

 "Ben". Kress looked down at him. "Would you come up here for a minute ?"

 Ben let go of me and stood op. Kress helped him up in the ring and handed him a microphone. I could see Kress whisper something in Ben's ear on the way.

 "Thank you my friends". Ben started. "Three years ago I lost the most precious thing in my life. For two years after I was worth nothing. The people around me would have been better served if I had been dead. Hadn't Amber shown up, I would probably have been cold in my grave by now. She opened my eyes and gave me my life back. She even made Tom realise that love doesn't have to be a bad thing, and I give her the credit for Tom and Kattie finally having found each other. She made Kress and Zac accept that women is capable at more than keeping their beds warm and thanks to her The Shadows has a legal income, that doesn't tempt us to destroy ourselves. Had Zombie demanded me, I would have given myself up for peace. But he isn't getting Amber. We are taking this war. Let us settle this for good".

 The room went crazy, and Kress and Tom helped Ben get back down to me. Then everyone fell silent as Zac walked gingerly into the ring.

 "I have a challange". He announced. Everyone held their breaths. I could feel the fear, everyone seemed afraid that he would pick them. "I challange Amber". His eyes stopped at me and a smile crept over his face.

 "You don't have to accept". Ben quickly said. What he really said was that I shouldn't accept.

 But it was Zac. We had fought many times in this ring, so how much of a difference would an audience be ?

 "She is wounded". Ben pointed out.

 "So am I". Zac responded. "And now let her answer for herself Ben".

 "Amber, I am begging you". Ben looked at me.

 "Don't you think I can do it ?" I asked him. "Are you doubting my skills ?"

 "I know what Zac can do". He pointed out.

 "I accept". I stood up. "I accept the challenge".

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