Being Amber

Without any memory of her past and not knowing why people react to her as they do, Amber has to learn to survive in the hard underworld of the City, among gangs and the unwanted citizens.
Her appearent resemblance with Ben's dead girlfriend, places her in the middle of a war that easily can cost her and others their lives.
In her quest to find her identity Amber has to learn to tell friend from foe, see behind the lies and decide if Ben's past matters at all.
When Ben asks Tom to train Amber he gets pulled into the war happening around him, far more than he wants to be.
Tom's alliance with Ben hangs in a thin tread when he not only falls in love with Amber but also starts a relationship with Kattie, who already has a boyfriend in Clay, Ben's second in command.
Will Amber ever find out who she really is ?
And how Will they get through the war ?


28. No pain



I let Kattie leave and turned my attention to Amber. Kress had Clay under full control and Zac didn't need my help with KC. I just had to repair Katties feelings after. She had caught me totally of guard and I just wanted to be sure that she really meant it and wasn't just angry and hurt over Clay.

 I was very worried by the fact that Amber didn't seem to feel anything. I didn't dare give her any painkillers. Because I needed to know were it hurt and if she had any internal damage where Zombie had struck her.

 In the end I managed to talk her into laying down on her bed and taking of her shirt so I could look her throughoutly over. She had several really bad bruises starting to form and her right arm was turning purple and blue.

 The cut on her left arm had luckily been clean end even. There was no damage to the tendons and the muscles would grow back together just fine. The fact that she hadn't realised she was bleeding from her forehead was impressive. I had to wash of her entire face because she had blood all over.

 But I was proud of her. She had finally stood against Zombie, which was what she had trained towards. And she had proved herself stronger than him. Her strength had surprised him and her hatred had added to that strength. For a moment I am sure she had been stronger than both me and Zac as well.

 "I don't think you have any internal damage". I said after having examined her back. "But when you start feeling the pain, I want to know every single place that hurts before you are given any painkillers". I handed her the shirt to pull back on.

 "Thanks Tom". She sat up. "So you and Kattie huh ?" She sent me a knowing glance and couldn't hide a smile.

 "There has always been a special connection between us". I answered, turning my back to Amber. "I just don't think we realised before now what it really was".

 "You two look great together". Amber said, taking my hand in hers as she stepped up beside me. "Kattie might be strong, but I think she needs you, especially now". She leaned her head against me. The way her touches made me feel, sent a wave of guilt over me, I wanted it to stop.

 "And I will, as always, be there for her". I sighed. "Just as I will always be here for you, if you should need me". I pressed my lips to the top of her head and it left a smile on her lips.

 "I know Tom". She said sofly. "We should get out to the others, we don't want to give them any wrong ideas".

 "I think I am going to swing by Kattie first, see how she is doing". I let go of Amber and followed her out the door. She walked into the living-room and I went to Kattie.


 Kattie was sitting on the bed with a syringe in her hand. The blue liquid told me what was going through her mind.

 "Thinking about taking a break from it all ?" I asked and sat down beside her. She immediately leaned into me.

 "I don't know how to react on his treason". Kattie said. "I mean of course it hurts that he would do that. That he was ready to let KC die and that he is in cohort with Zombie. But at least I no longer have to pretend that I trust him and wants him in my life".

 "We got proof that we can't trust Clay. And it happened before he gained knowledge of our war plans. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in the incidence". I put an arm around her, pulling her to my side.

 "And even better". She mumbled. "I don't have to worry about him finding out about us and breaking the alliance between The Shadows and The Eagles". She turned her head slightly to kiss my bicep. "Unless I ain't interesting any longer now were I am not of limits anymore ?"

 "You are always interesting". I told her, slipping my hand under her chin, so I could tip her face up to me and kiss her softly.

 I cared so unbelievable much about Kattie and there was nothing I wanted more than to hold her close, kiss her and share her bed. And well if even Amber thought we should be together, what was there to stop me then ?


 I was still holding Katties hand as we entered the living-room. She refused to look at Clay and instead she climped into my lap on the couch, hiding her face against my chest. For the first time she allowed herself to seem weak and she gave me the honour of protecting her.

 Ben had come back and Zac and Amber was explaining what had happened, kind of talking over each other, finishing the others sentences. Kress still had his gun against Clays head, keeping him silence.

 "And how did KC and Amber get hurt ?" Ben asked.

 "Zombie stabbed a knife into KC's side when the attack started". Zac explained. "Thanks to Amber he didn't have time to cut his throat. That was how he planned to deliver his declaration of war".

 "And you ?" Ben looked at Amber.

 "I took care of Zombie personally". She answered, seeming satisfied.

 "We had to stop her". Zac cut in. "Or she would have killed him. He almost crawled out of here". He sounded impressed and a tiny bit worried.

 "And she denied that she was hurt". I chipped in. "She didn't even feel that she got stabbed through the arm". I was still surprised by that.

 "The feeling has started to return". Amber touched her right arm very carefully. "I don't think it will be long before I am ready to tell you were it hurts". She sent me a small smile.

 "Well that is about time". Of course I was sorry that it had to hurt her, but we needed the pain to truly assess how bad it was. He painfree state worried me.

 "Very well". Ben stood up. "Kress, Tom, Zac, I am grateful for your help and support. I can take over from here".

 Kress and Zac was first out the door. I was a bit hesitant. I wanted to make sure that Amber didn't have any internal damage before I left. But I had to realise that it wasn't my job. Ben could do this as good as I could.

 "When she get her full feeling back make sure to check for internal damages". I said to Ben and nodded towards Amber. "She has taken a lot of hits and she will need something for the pain".

 "Thanks Tom". Ben's eyes was on Clay, who was now unrestrained.

 I turned to Kattie, who was standing right behind me. "You need where to find me if you need to". I lowered my head to kiss her softly. Clay deserved to know that she would mourn him. Everyone ignored it, except Amber, who sent me a happy smile.

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