Legend of the Wings of Fate: Airbound Princess

---Book ONE of the Legend of the Wings of Fate Series---

Eris Stefanus. That's what I am called. Some say I'm a freak because of being the only white wolf in the whole clan. The rest of them had either brown, black, and silver coats with blue or red in mixed in, but me? I was white with blue and black mixed in my white fur. There's this legend about the princess that one day she would be taken away by a bad guy and only someone with the heart of a true hero can save her.
That sure ain't me. I have the habit of snapping off at someone that's been messing with me. Though, I am pretty nice once you get to know just be careful what you say around me though. I guess my life's been pretty normal so far, aside from the bullying, but my oh so perfect life was turned upside down because of the one mistake the Royale Guards' had made.


2. |01| First Day of School Blues |

(A/n: Hig Ele= High School Elective. Just so you know) In the land of the Tsubasaokami Clan... ???'S POV   I looked at my mom as if she had two heads when she said I'd be going to Stoneheart High. "W- what?! Go there, with my haters!?" I shout. My mom throws me a look. "Yes, now go and choose your clothing for tomorrow", she says. Wait. WHAT?! I'm starting tomorrow?! I run upstairs and chose my royal blue outfit. It was a sailor top with a white and dark blue collar, the end of the long sleeves were white with dark blue stripes as well, a royal blue mid-thigh skirt, black knee high socks, and black flats. I sigh as I place the outfit on my dresser ready for the worst first day of school. Transforming into my full wolf form, I run and jump out of my open window. Spreading my, rather large, wings I fly through the air with a small smile on my face. It felt good to finally be free of worries and other things that dragged people down. I laugh as I fly in circles. Everything was okay now, but tomorrow I will die from boredom. ---   I walked the halls of school in my furry form. I was wearing my royal blue sailor like school outfit. I looked at my schedule. 1.Language Arts- 601- Jay, Alex J. Hig Ele-Video Game Development- 601- Kale, Melody J. 3. So Stu- 607- Kale, Jay F. Hig Ele-Sci- 619- Nokura, Isabelle M. Hig Ele- Math- 606- Sake, Zaiden Z. Hig Ele-Animation - 606- Lyon, Michelle Z. Lunch- Cafeteria 7. P.E- Gym- Malachi, Jacob T. 8. Music- 201- Nokura, Zale L. Hig Ele- 304- Art- Zander, Alex P.   I had chosen art, Science, Animation, and video game development were my favorite High School electives. My locker was #688. I walked the halls with my head down. I could feel their stares as I walked down the hall. I blush and walk faster. I manage to get to my locker without upsetting anyone or anything. I open it and place the things I didn't need inside. I kept my books for the class I had next and my Legend of Zelda themed sketchbook. Sighing in relief that I didn't do anything stupid I turned to see my bully from an old school, Mabel Snitchzul, and she was heading straight towards me. My light blue eyes widen as she opens the locker next to mine, #686. She was taking up almost all of my personal space. I growl, slam my locker, and walk towards my Language Arts class steaming mad. How could I be stuck by her for the rest of the year. I. Hate. Life. I open the classroom door and see Mrs. Jay sitting at her desk. All of the seats were taken up except for one by a silver wolf. She looked at her clipboard and smiled at me. "Ah, you must be Miss. Stefanus, would you please introduce yourself to your class?" She asked. I could feel the weight of the stares from the class on my shoulders as I went up to the front of the class.   I think I might've heard a few wolf whistles from some boys. With my cheeks flaming red I start. "M-my name's Eris Stefanus. I like to draw, sing, play sports, and box, my favorite color is royal blue, and my best friend is Princess Tenshi Majikku", I say. A few jaws dropped after I said the last sentence. The wolf with silver fur raised his clawed hand. "Do you have a question for Eris, Jay?" Asked the teacher. "How'd you become friends?" Jay asked. He was actually pretty cute. I scratch the back of my neck in embarrassment. "We were friends since the age of 2", I say. He nods before sitting back. I sigh as Mrs. Jay tells me to sit by Jay. I walk over, plop in the seat, and place my legend of zelda backpack on the floor. I'm obsessed with the legend of zelda, okay? I can't help it. "Okay class, today we're going to start with reading three chapters of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Then we will jist a few paragraphs from each chapter", said Mrs. Jay happily. I groan mentally. I think I'm having a bad case of First Dat of School Blues. ---   I stalked over to my locker to see a note attached to it. Watch your back, Freak. Just because we're in a new school, doesn't mean I can't get to your overinflated ego! - Anonymous   I growl and tear the note to shreds. I take out a sticky note and stick to Mabel's locker after writing: What do you mean by my overinflated ego? If mine is overinflated then yours is the size of a million Jupiters. Oh and by the way, good luck trying to get to my ego. - Anonymousᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ   I smirk at my work and put up my things. The bell rang signaling that it was time for lunch. I search through my backpack trying to find my lunch box. Once I found it, I jogged off towards the cafeteria. Once I go in, I choose to sit at a table in the middle of the cafeteria. Nobody has chosen to sit here yet, so I won't be bothered. I unzipped my lunchbox and took my grilled cheese sandwich, my small container of strawberries, my travel cup full of the fruit punch I made last night, a xtra large chocalate bar, and my pencil. ---   Lunch was not yet over and I had finished eating already. I look around before taking my favorite  triforce themed sketchbook out and began to draw my wolf form. After I finished sketching, I colored my picture in with white and blue. I signed my name in dark blue at the bottom of the piece of sketchpaper. Then the bell rang. I shoved my sketchbook into my lunchbox and went to throw ny trash. "Freak!" Someone called out and I already knew who it was. I turned only for something slimy and wet to fall on my head and cascade on my face and body. I turned to glare at the smirking Mabel that stood behind me with her tray that was emptied on me i clench my fist around the handle of my lunchbox. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't see ya there, freak!" My eyes narrow in anger. "Oh by the way, I hope you liked the note someone left on your locker for you because it was from me in case you're wondering. I think your ego has went from the size of a million Jupiters to a million suns. You're not even pretty so I don't even know why you're picking on people! Good. Day. Drama queen!" I exclaim as I throw away my trash and leave.   I run towards the janitor's supply closet and hide in. I put my head in my knees and cry softly. My vision blurred as I took my phone out and call my mother. "H-hey m-mom." "Oh my god, Ere, what happned?" "Could you bring my the clothes I was wearing yesterday?" "Why, what happened?" "Mabel dumped her lunch on me." "Okay, I'll be there in a bit." I hang up and sigh. I hate school.   
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