Legend of the Wings of Fate: Airbound Princess

---Book ONE of the Legend of the Wings of Fate Series---

Eris Stefanus. That's what I am called. Some say I'm a freak because of being the only white wolf in the whole clan. The rest of them had either brown, black, and silver coats with blue or red in mixed in, but me? I was white with blue and black mixed in my white fur. There's this legend about the princess that one day she would be taken away by a bad guy and only someone with the heart of a true hero can save her.
That sure ain't me. I have the habit of snapping off at someone that's been messing with me. Though, I am pretty nice once you get to know just be careful what you say around me though. I guess my life's been pretty normal so far, aside from the bullying, but my oh so perfect life was turned upside down because of the one mistake the Royale Guards' had made.


1. |00| Prologue |

So how exactly did I end up like this? Being tossed around like a rag doll. I don't exactly know. I used to be just your average highschooler with an A+ report card(or at least I think I had an A+ report card cause I was only at school for a few days before I got sucked into some monster crap), a bad attitude, and few friends.   Well anyway back to the story. So here I am walking down a dirt road with my best buddy who I secretly have a crush on, Jacob Zuma. I still wonder how he got into this crap with me. So here we were walking down the dirt road when a freaking Lyranal, a mixture of a lion, snake, goat, and tiger, appears out of nowhere! It punches Jay causing him to go flying and and decides to play the  Toss-the-Eris-Around-Like-She's-A-Ragdoll game! It suddenly picks me up and starts throwing me into random objects like the house that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere!   Where'd the house came from I don't know, but now's not the time for that crap. But let me tell you this, getting thrown around is not fun! It hurts! I'm pretty sure one of arms is broken... OW! Yep, it's broken... what kid of idiot am I. It's clearly broken, I mean should an arm be turned that way or is it me? Hmmmm............ I give up! What even is logic anymore?!
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