Q&A - With Sav-Nav

Ok Guys. Welcome to the Q&A feel free to ask me anything about myself! I'll answer them all!



Sav-Nav: soo.... I've been super lazy with this but yeah. NEW STYLE

Queen of Fanfiction Nerdo asks: WAH! What's your favourite fan fiction to a passion for reading in Movellas?

Logic: well... it has got to be Sherlock Holmes!! Anything remotely related to it and we'll read it.

Romance/creativity: No. It's MPHFPC. Ahh the good old times.

Anxiety: it's more like angst. Anything angst. Oneshot angst. 

Morality: Well kiddos... it's all that and more. From Oneshots to Peculiar Children to Sherlock and Watson Sav-Nav really likes anything to do with Musicals and a god darn romance fanfic. Lately Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen has been her thing.

Sav-Nav: Sure has. But sadly there are no fanfics of that on here. 

Anxiety: yeah well... life sucks does it not?

Sav-Nav: Indeed...


💖BB💖 asks: Do you prefer books over movies and if so what genre do you like the most?

Sav-Nav: To be completely honest I like both. 

Anxiety: It depends on the mood. Angsty calls for movies and books

Romance/Creativity: lovey dovey calls for books

Morality: Happy calls for books.

Sav-Nav: But I mainly just like books and movies. But overall the answer is neither. I like Musicals. As for genre, probably Romance and Fantasy. 

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