Q&A - With Sav-Nav

Ok Guys. Welcome to the Q&A feel free to ask me anything about myself! I'll answer them all!



Sav-Nav: finally I'm back on this good ol' website again!!!

Book Maker asked: What's your favourite types of genre. DONT. EVEN. SAY. ALL! XD

Logic: may I just point out the missing-

Princey: nope nope ignore it!

Sav-Nav: well, Book Maker, that's a good question. I do enjoy fantasy a lot and a good romance is my go-to when I'm bored. On the side of all this, I love musical fanfics (if they're well written).

Morality: happy endings are necessary!

Logic: Mystery is personally my favourite

Princey:  no one asked you but ok! Romance is love, Romance is life.

Anxiety: Is it too late to say that I enjoy lots of gay..?

Sav-Nav: *blinks* ok... Well I hope that answers your question! See ya next time!

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