Travis and hunter????

This is old and cheesy ew


1. Jesus...

Travis and Hunter ------ Hunter was everything I wanted in a man, nice, sweet, and cute. To bad he was emotional. I don't blame him. His job is stressful, Hunter's only pay is $10 a month, and his family is all dead, and he only has his step brother left (who is pretty nice). I think his life is worse than mine. I see Hunter everyday, outside of my office, trying not to lose his sanity. Hunter is fairly tall, with sort of curly hair that is black on the bottom and fades into brown (which he dyed his hair for some reason.). wish he would notice me. He only smiles everyday at me when he passes by to leave. But, this week, he stopped coming. Nobody noticed except for me. Good thing he's my neighbor. I'll see if he's alright tonight. I anxiously go home and change my clothes. I hurry to his house and knock on his door. I stand for 20 minutes, waiting. The lights were on, he was there. I sighed. I opened the door and shut it behind me. I hear crying, so he is home. Wait, crying. Crying. Oh jeez. I run up the stairs and run into his room. He was laying on his bed, whimpering. "Oh um Hunter...? Are you okay??" I ask. I sit down in front of him and he sniffled and rolled over. "Travis, go away." Hunter said. Oh ok he does notice me. Well enough to where he knows I'm Travis. "Why are you crying? Answer me and I'll leave." I promise. He turns over. "Why shouldn't I be? Life is horrible and I'm a waste of a life someone could be using." Hunter answered. "Now leave." "I'm not leaving. I want you to come back to work." I say, not lying. I actually want him to come back. "Why?" Hunter asks. I hesitate before answering. Why is he asking so many questions?? "I miss seeing you everyday." I finally say. He doesn't do it, but I know he's blushing. "Well, you'll have to deal with that." Hunter had started smiling but shook it off. I was done with this Hunter, so I finally just spilled everything in my mind. "I'm not lying. I actually miss seeing you. If you're staying at home all day for the next few weeks I'm staying with you, because you wanna know something? I love you. I don't know if you've noticed but everyday, I stay up late at work just so you can have someone with you. If you don't want to get up for food, I have no care to drive 100 miles just to get it. Listen to me, Hunter. I would sacrifice my life for you, but you don't give a speck of attention to me. If you decide to throw me off the face of the earth again and act like I don't exist, I'll still love you. Just for once, listen. If you're depressed and you think no one cares, I care!!! I care about you! Just stop acting like I don't exist!" I hugged him. And WOW, it was so hard keeping that in! It felt good finally getting that off my chest. He hugged me back. "You asked me why I was crying. Well, it's because this isn't my house, it's my brother's. I've lived with him for a long time but I can never afford a new house. I have to always pay for food and I can never save up for a new house. And because my real, biological sister died last week, so I have no biological family left. Life is just horrible to me. And I'll never find a place to live." He said, once he had laid back down. "You can stay with me." I offer. He looked at me for a while and then pointed to the door. I left without saying a word. The next afternoon, I started replaying yesterday's events. I had been fired yesterday, but had to keep working for the rest of the day. Then Hunter had his episode and I told him I loved him. Then he rejected my offer of staying at my house. I just lay on the couch, playing with a piece of confetti, staring at the ceiling. I hear a knock and when I open the door I hold back a gasp when I see its Hunter. I invite him in and close the door behind him. He sat on the couch and I sit beside him. He didn't reject the offer! Yes, score. "I was worried you banned me from seeing you." I chuckled. Hunter laughed. "No! I would never I just had to tell my brother I was living over here." He smiled. "Oh crap um I don't have another bed. You can sleep in mine and I'll just sleep on the couch." I said. Hunter shook his head. "Im not taking your only bed you can sleep in the bed I'll sleep on the couch. It's fine." Hunter says. I don't try to fight, he's the guest. My mom told me to respect guests and let them choose if where they sleep is fine. "Well, umm goodnight. It's late." I get up and go upstairs. I fall asleep in just a few minutes because... well welcome to my life where I fall asleep in under 15 minutes. I get woken up by hearing whimpering downstairs. Oh well this is new, waking up this early haha. It's only 3:00 am. Wait what. I go downstairs and Hunter is turned over on the couch, facing inward, whimpering. I yawn and rub my eyes. "Hunter are you okay..?" I say sleepily. He turns over and sits up and I sit beside him. He still had his glasses on, which doesn't surprise me. He leaned his head on my shoulder and hold back the blushes. "I don't want to live life. It's not worth it." He says. I shake my head. "It is worth it, I promise." I say, messing with his hair. "Well," he sniffed, "last time you promised something, you broke it." He remarked. I chuckled and played with his hair some more. "I'm sorry. I just needed you to speak to me. Also, that was different." I laughed. He looked up and smiled. "Goodnight." He said. I walked back upstairs and fell back asleep. The next morning Hunter was laying on the couch, not speaking. I sat at his feet, playing with a piece of confetti again. "You hungry?" I asked him. He shook his head. "I'll be back." I tell him, and go upstairs and change. I put on my shoes and leave to go get me some food. --- Hunter I started whimpering when Travis left. I couldn't help it. I didn't know why I would randomly cry at times. I just didn't like the world like I used to. I wish my sister Emily were here. She always comforted me whenever I cried. But no, she died a few weeks ago in a car accident. Now my only family left is my step brother, Marquis. About 20 minutes later, Travis is back and I've stopped crying, finally. --- Travis "Hey, Hunter." That's all I say and I run upstairs. Hunter comes in a few minutes later. I am just fiddling with a Rubik's cube and he lays down on my bed beside me to watch. "You okay?" Hunter asks me. I nod but he still looks at me concerned. "I'm fine." I say. Hunter took the Rubik's cube from my hands. "You okay?" Hunter repeated, throwing the cube into my closet. I nod, but he knows I'm lying. Hunter was sitting up now, waiting for an answer. I nod again. He looks at me, and knows I'm lying so I shake my head and my head falls into his lap and I start crying. I didn't want to tell him I didn't have enough money to buy us dinner for that night. But that night, he found out and gave me his money he had left even though I had declined. That night, it started raining and thundering. I am afraid of thunder, like more than anything else in the world. I started to cry that night, because of the thunder. Hunter ran upstairs and walked into my room and sat down beside me and hugged me. I hugged him back. I think after our 9 minutes of hugging, he figured out why I was crying. It was only 9 minutes because I had cried myself to sleep in his lap. The next morning, someone knocked on the door and when I opened it I almost shut it again. "Sarah?" I was confused why would my friend come over??? "I was worried about you. You haven't spoke to me in a long time." Sarah said she noticed Hunter standing in the back. "Whose that?" "None of your business, go away, I'm alive, see?" I snapped my fingers and shut the door. That night, I went to bed late, because I was trying to find a job. When I got home, Hunter was waiting like usual. "Um, this might sound weird but, could I sleep with you...?" Hunter asked. "Its just really hot down here." "Oh sure." I said, walking upstairs to my room. Hunter came up later, and I was asleep, with my shoes still on. He took off my shoes and got into bed. I had woken up when he jumped in bed, and he was still awake, so when I turned over, he smiled. I leaned closer to him and kissed him. On the lips just to clarify. Hunter smiled and fell asleep. I rolled my eyes and took off Hunter's glasses and set them on the nightstand. I then fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up to Hunter talking, and I was very confused. "Hey man... uh are you okay...?" Hunter asked someone. "Who are you..? Where am I..?" A British voice was speaking. "Im Hunter, this is my friend's house." Hunter explained. "What?! How did I get here?!" The Brit sounded panicked. "I took you here. You were passed out. In the sidewalk. I woke up this morning, and I saw you out on the sidewalk, so I picked you up and brought you in here." Hunter said. Wait.. WHAT?! That guy was passed out in the street?! What the heck?! I got up and went downstairs. The British guy had black hair ruffled everywhere and a necklace with a diamond on it. "Hunter, can I talk to you alone?" I pulled him off to the side. "What do you need?" Hunter tilted his head. "Who is that?! And you picked him up off the STREETS?!" I was very mad. If he lives in this house he doesn't pick up people off the streets and tell them they can stay. "His name is Brendon and no, the sidewalk." Hunter said. "How do you know his name?!" I had my mouth dropped on the floor by now. "He's an old friend... a close one at that." Hunter corrected me and walked back in. "Sorry, Brendon. I'm Travis." I said, introducing myself. Brendon smiled. "I hear a lot about you!" Brendon said, smiling. This guy smiles way to much. "So, why were you on the sidewalk, Brendon?" Hunter asked. "I don't know. I don't remember." Brendon said. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs and changed into a suit. I put on a bow tie (because they're cool) and put on some fancy shoes. I walked downstairs and Hunter was still talking. "Why are you so dressed up?" Hunter asked, laughing. "I'm going to a party." I mumbled, and left. When I got back, Brendon had thankfully left and Hunter was watching a movie. I went upstairs and fell asleep. When Hunter came up, he took off my shoes and my bow tie and he took off his glasses and then fell asleep. The next morning I woke up early, about 5:00 am. I went to my friend's house which was about 2 hours away. When I got there, she hugged me and let me come in. "Who was with you when I came to your house?" Sarah asked. "A friend. He lost his house so he's staying with me." I explained. "Is he your... boyfriend?" Sarah smiled. "No... But we did kiss. Once. ONLY ONCE." I said. "I'm so happy for you, you're not single anymore!" She patted my back but I swatted her hand away. "He's not my boyfriend, okay?!" I told her. "Awe, I really thought you would make a good couple." Sarah said. "Besides, I can't believe you. You couldn't have kissed him. I was just joking with the boyfriend stuff. You're straight." I turned a little red when she said I was straight. "Wait, you're straight, right?" "No... Yes... Um I'm pan okay. I like any gender." I explained. How did she not know that. We've been best friends since birth. "So HE IS your boyfriend!" Sarah gasped. When I got home Hunter wasn't out of bed, so I went upstairs to check on him. He was awake, but fiddling with my Rubik's cube. "I saw my friend that burst in on us that one time." I told him, sitting beside him in the bed. "Sarah, wasn't it?" He said. I nodded. "She asked if you were my boyfriend." I told him. "Not unless you want me to be it." Hunter started looking at me. "I--" I started speaking but then Hunter interrupted me by kissing me. My eyes widened when he stopped. "Of course I'm your boyfriend you dummy!" He smiled. I wanted to ask him about his depression but he seemed too happy to be depressed or to want to talk about it. I asked anyways. "If I ask you a question will you answer honestly..?" I ask. He nods. "Fire away." He says. "Are you depressed?" I ask after pausing. He nods. "I didn't want to be. I just never had anyone I cared about in my life give up more than 10 minutes of their time to me. Even my sister, who was always there for me when I cried. Even Marquis. It was hard to not be sad back then. But when I was 10 both my parents died in a car accident. I went to live with my aunt, but she only never fed me expect for lunch and a small snack. I was always hungry and I never got anything for my birthday and the only thing I got for Christmas each year was $10. She was the worst person ever. I tried to love her but I just couldn't. I cried every night." Hunter then hugged me and started to cry. I hugged him back. He shouldn't be treated like this. I would sue her if I was around for that. "She doesn't deserve to love you." I say. Hunter sniffed and I put my arm around him. "I love you." Hunter said. The next day, Hunter woke me up early. "Why are you waking me up so early?" I ask him. He smiles. "My friend, is having a wedding, so, do you want to come?" He asks. I shrug. "We should get going, we have to miss the reception. The wedding is 3 hours away. You should get changed." I run upstairs and change into a suit and my bow tie (which is extremely cool). I wait for about an hour until Hunter comes back from his step brothers house with a suit and tie. I smile and we drive the whole 3 hours to the wedding. When we get there I sit at a table alone while he goes and the talks to some friends. A girl with blonde hair and glasses comes over to me. She is clearly the bride. "Oh hello! You must be Hunter's friend, Travis! He told me about you before you came." She said. "Anyways I'm Melanie." "Hello, Melanie." I smile. Why does she want to talk so much????? "Well, nice seeing you!" And she ran back off. Well, nice knowing her. I get up and tell Hunter I'm going outside. I wait outside and sit against the car. I wait a whole hour until Hunter comes out and helps me up. "Dude, Travis, why are you not inside?" He asks me. I shrug. "I don't like weddings." I say. Because it's true. I don't like weddings. "Not very appropriate, considering this is a wedding." Hunter laughs. "Omg!!! I'm sorry!!!!!" I joke. Hunter laughs even more. "Well, it's fine. It's over now,let's go." Hunter hops in the drivers seat and we wait for his step brother. His step brother had rode with his friend, Laya, but she had to go somewhere else so he was riding with us. I sat in the back so that he could sit with Hunter at the front. Finally he came in and he looked different than I imagined him. He had red hair that was sprawled everywhere and black glasses. "Hey, I heard you where taking English lessons." Hunter said to his brother. English?? "Yes, I have only been doing it for a few journées." He nodded. "I'm still confused how I ended up with a French step brother." Hunter chuckled. "Oui! Don't we all?" He laughed, nodding. "How long have you been staying in our town, Marquis?" Hunter asked. So that was his name. "Long time, but only a few weeks. Learning the américain language is plus dur." Marquis rolled his eyes. We dropped him off and I just silently watched as they waved goodbye to each other. Whenever we got back I went straight upstairs but Hunter had stayed up for a while. I shut my bedrooms door and got out my phone. The news was the first thing that popped up. But for once I was interested in the all capital caption blaring in my face: "FIERY CAR CRASH KILLS ONE AND INJURES EIGHT" I immediately check out what is was about. I read the whole thing: "A car crash kills a young man, who was only 28. The car crash was taken place when a drunk driver with four other drunk friends sped down the road, colliding head first into the young man's car. Another car accidentally crashed into the car being hit, causing the injuries to be more severe. The three people in the car had been heading back from an event at a campsite and the young man had been trying to get to his home state, North Dakota. The man was named Aaron Lakeston." I almost fainted right there at the Lakeston part. That was my brother. My brother just got killed by some drunk bastards that had the will to drive while drunk. I wanted to kill them but at the same time I wanted to kill myself. I texted Sarah what happened and she said she knew. I didn't want to be known around town as the guy who wanted to never get out of his house again- which is how I felt right now- I just didn't want anything else bad to happen like that. Hunter knocked on my door and I looked up. "Dude, the wreck is on tv. It's breaking news, are you okay?" He called. I buried myself in the cover and buried my face into the pillow. Hunter walked in and sat beside me. He rubbed my back and I started crying. Nobody was closer to me than my brother. We had always stuck up for each other. {[INTERLUDE]} "Alright, Travis tell us why you're thinking that if you say you can like anybody in the world that changes your status?" Jake pinned me against my locker. I felt his hand hovering around my neck, ready to punch me. "I-I'm not lying." I mumble, wanting this to be over. He growls and punches me in the face. I feel my mouth bleeding and I stagger back up. "You're just a little brat who wants everything and has NOTHING!" Jake said, punching me to the ground. I stayed that time, in to much pain to get up. I heard people surrounding me, and I felt their burning gaze slicing into me. "Jake, what happened??" One kid asked. I heard Jake saying he had no idea and he was lying. "GET AWAY! If you're an eighth grader, get away." I heard my brother yell. I felt a rush of relief fall over me as he calmly helped me up. [end] I woke up the next morning and Hunter had left.
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