The Woes of Ron/Ocard

The story of Ron, a chicken, and a mysterious student named Ocard and his many personalities.

~Originally Written As A series Of Texts between Snowily and Kagamine.My.Heart~


3. Ron's Mysterious Encounter

"EWWWWW." A passing blonde kid said.

random blonde kid.

"That's Weasley!" the kid laughed.

"DON'T JUDGE ME." Ron yelled, but the kid had disappeared.

"Amazing!" Ron said to himself. "He disappeared as if it was magic!"

"Cause I'm a pureblood, idiot!" the totally random kid said.

"Hmmm," Ron said. "You seem familiar. You seem like a kid who has no friends. You seem like a kid that likes apples."

"But whatever."

"It's probably nothing."

"Uh, who said I like apples?" the kid said. Under his breath he muttered, "Accio disguise." A pair of glasses and a fake mustache materialized on the boy, along with a name tag reading 'OCARD'. "Whoa! How'd you get here?" Ron asked. "I never saw you before."

"I am Ocard," the random, non-Draco-related kid said, holding out his hand for a handshake.

Ron stuck his hand out. "Uh, no!" Ocard said, pulling his hand back and squirting hand sanitizer on his hand. "You're a Weasley and I'm a Ma--I mean a majestic guy named Ocard." "How do you know my name?" Ron asked. "Cause, uh...I'm a psychic." Ocard answered. "Oh, okay! Cool!" Ron said.

"What am I thinking of right now?" Ron asked.

" amazing a beautiful, handsome guy in your school named Malfoy is." The mysterious Ocard said. "Not really. But you know he's in my school. You really are a psychic! It's like magic!" Ron said. "Uh, yeah. I know I am. I mean, I know Draco is. I mean, yEAH, duh, I'm a psychic."

"Well, it was nice meeting you, OCARD." Ron said. "I'm on my way to London right now."

"Wait, let me follow you, I mean, let me come along, so I can report your movements to my fathe--I mean, my fantaaastic friend." Ocard said.

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