The Woes of Ron/Ocard

The story of Ron, a chicken, and a mysterious student named Ocard and his many personalities.

~Originally Written As A series Of Texts between Snowily and Kagamine.My.Heart~


5. Part 2~Ocard's Return

Ron couldn't wait to get back to school.

He would tell all his friends about his adventure with Ocard!

When he got to Hogwarts, he noticed a familiar face in the crowd of students.

"OCARD!" Ron yelled. He ran up to the boy, who turned around. "Oh, I guess you got contacts and shaved. I really liked your mustache." Ron said. "You really look like Draco now. Well, welcome to my school." The boy looked around, embarrassed. "Have you gone insane, Weasley?" he hissed angrily. "I'm Draco."

Ron said, "Woah, you made me think you were that Ocard guy. You're so similar. Wouldn't it be funny if you two were the same person?"

"Who's Ocard?" Draco asked. "He certainly can't be my name spelled backwards!"

"Yeah, I know," Ron said. "Draco is actually Ocard's code name. I don't know how he comes up with such clever names. Absolutely no one could see through it!"

"Well, anyway," Ron said. I have GOT to tell Harry and Heliotrope ALL ABOUT Ocard!! They'll totally be BFFs with him!" He ran off to class before Draco could stop him.

Later, Harry and Hermione came up to Ron. "Hey, why were you hanging out with Draco on the weekend and being so rude to me?" asked Harry. "Oh! I forgot to tell you!" Ron said.

"Over the weekend, me and my new friends, Lobster, Gargoyle, and Ocard were playing a spy game! It was so cool! The archenemy was name Hari Pota and looked just like you, Harry! Hey! I saw Ocard this morning! Let's go look for him!" Ron said, grabbing Harry and Hermione by the arm and dragging them along.

Ron ran through the hallway, bowling over other students and not noticing. Then he spotted an old friend in the crowd. "Hey, THERE he is!" Ron said, pulling Harry and Helicopter towards Ocard. He started waving his arms to get his attention. "Hey! OCARD!! Over here!!"

Draco/Ocard turned around. Crabbe and Goyle stepped out on either side of Draco.

"Oh hey, Lobster and Gargoyle!" Ron shouted. "Didn't know you were here." "Uh, Ocard, why's he calling me Lobster?" Lobster asked Draco/Ocard. "Shut up! We're not doing the Ocard act anymore!" Draco hissed.

Ron heard them whispering. "Whaaaaaat? You guys are actors? Wow, this is so cool. So Ocard is playing a character named Draco, and Draco is playing a character named Ocard!" That's totally not suspicious at all!"

"I told you, I'm not Ocard!" Draco said. "Wait, you know him?" Ron asked. "No, I meant, who's this Ocard?"

"Come on!" Ron said, pulling Draco across the floor. "You have to meet Ocard. I'm sure he's around somewhere." After searching for a long time, Ron said to himself, "That's funny. I can't find him anywhere."

"Uh, maybe he went to Quidditch practice." said Draco. "Good idea," said Ron, letting go of Draco. When Ron wasn't looking, Draco whispered, "Accio disguise!" Now Weasley won't recognize me, thought Draco. "There you are, Ocard!" Ron shouted. He grabbed Draco. "Looks like you got new glasses and your mustache grew back." "I'm not Ocard!" Draco yelled."Yeah you are," Ron said. "Your nametag says so." Draco looked down at his nametag and groaned in frustration. He had made the wrong disguise!

Draco quickly shoved a hat over Ron's face so that he couldn't see. Then he quickly said, "Accio disguise," again, and a new disguise appeared. A traffic cone appeared on his head, and a pair of sunglasses appeared on his face. Ron took off the hat. "Hey, who are you?" he asked. "You look like Ocard. Are you his clone?"

"No, I'm YOLFLAM," Draco said.

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