The Woes of Ron/Ocard

The story of Ron, a chicken, and a mysterious student named Ocard and his many personalities.

~Originally Written As A series Of Texts between Snowily and Kagamine.My.Heart~


2. Bittersweet Memories

Ron still remembered those good times‬.

‪Going to the supermarket‬.

‪Seeing the lone chicken in the aisle.‬

‪Buying it without checking the price‬.

‪Becoming pretty much broke but still‬

‪who wouldn't pay for a chicken ‬


‪fatha had revealed his true intentions‬

‪to roast it‬.

‪"Yo momma so ugly her face got shut down by da health department!"draco screamed at the chicken‬.

‪"Not that roast!"Lucius scolded Draco.‬

‪Ron never suspected fathah to be so  


‪To burn and consume a defenseless chicken‬.

Ron watched the chicken glow in the heat of the oven

‪he looked behind him at fathah‬

‪tears soaking his face‬.


‪His fathah looked at him in exasperation‬.

‪"son it's just a chicken"‬

‪"Not just any chicken!" Ron cried‬.

‪"MY chicken."‬

‪"Whoever gave you permission to cook it in chicken stock!"‬

‪"Please son" said fathah‬.

‪"You Killed it!" Ron Screeched.

Ron kept screaming.‬

"stop" Fathah said.

"I wont" ron yelled in desperation "i'll run away"‬

‪"Gawd" said fathah. "All this over a chicken"‬

‪"Not just any chicken" Ron screamed".


‪"STOP PRETENDING THAT IT'S YOUR CHICKEN" Ron said, rolling on the floor‬.

‪"It's Just a phase, dear" Molly Weasley Explained to fathah "Narcissa said her son went through the same thing."‬

‪Ron rushed into his room "come on scabbers" he shrieked. "we're leaving"‬

‪Then he remembered‬.

‪scabbers wasnt even there anymore‬.

‪"CURSES" ron yelled at the ceiling‬.

‪He yelled so loud he broke the sound barrier‬.

‪Luckily, Harry Made a new one with magic‬.

‪"HARRY" Ron yelled. "WHY YOU HERE?"‬

‪"Cause the chosen one is always there when you need him, duh" Replied Harry.‬

"GET OUT" Ron grabbed his trunk and tripped over harry. he slid all the way to the front door‬.

"See I helped you" said Harry.‬

"Perfect" Ron said. He ran out the door.

‪"Now I shall kiss this house goodbye" Ron yelled to the heavens. Then, he really did kiss the house goodbye. To be more precise, the lawn. It was disgusting‬.

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