His affection

R knew he was doing the right thing by helping a human but he didn't expect to fall for her


1. keep safe

Jamie's POV

"You all have been chosen to risk your lives to save others your mission is to try and survive bring back as much food water medication and anything else you can find just make sure to keep an eye out for zombies good luck"

That was all we hear before the doors open to the gray sky area.

"Come on Jamie we have to hurry" julie said as her and perry pull me to a building they started packing food they found and medication I walked over to te window and saw something in the distance I rubbed my eyes and looked again but it was gone I looked closer then out of nowhere a zombie smashed the window and grabbed me by the neck.

As I felt myself fading I saw something knock the zombie off me I was picked up by cold pale hands I looked up and saw a guy with black hair and blue eyes he looked at me in the eyes and whispered something I couldn't really hear him but i know I heard 'keep safe' I pushed away from him and started running out the building when I was attacked I screamed as it tried to bite into my arm.

"KEEP SAFE!" I looked to my right and saw him attack the zombie that was hurting me he ripped it apart and then grabbed me.

"Wh-where are we going?" I asked he looked at me then kept walking "keep safe" he said again and we got to a building.

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