Reaper's Territory

Everyone knows to never enter Reaper's territory. Yes. We are talking about the Grim Reaper here, the God of Death. He had made it clear over the years what might happen if you stumble upon his land. No one has ever made it out alive except one woman who was only let to live to tell his message. " Death will become unto anyone who dares lay a foot on my grounds." It has been many years since that had happen, and no one has tempted the challenge of trying to survive Reaper's Forest. That was until a certain girl named April Fae Robertson crossed over wanting to talk to the Reaper herself.


1. Entering The Forbidden

April stood there on the other side of the border. Her fears were screaming at her to not do it, but she didn't have any choice. This was something she had to do, or she would never forgive herself.

She trudged on ignoring the warnings the local people had given her. It's not that she didn't believe them when they told her. She's hoping that damned Reaper is here. She has some business with him she would like to attend to.

She took in the scenery. This place was actually really pretty. Many types of flowers could be seen. She thought it was ridiculous that the Grim Reaper would be a gardener. He's the God of Death! Everything he touches should die, right?

April took in the very tall trees and lively grass. An apple tree could be seen ahead, but she knew better than to pluck one. All this could be a trick of the Reaper's. It could be poisoned for all she knows.

" Hey Reaper! Come out!"

April yelled out. There was no response making her frustrated. She came all this way to talk to him, and he's not even here!? She wasn't leaving until she gets what she wants. She's as stubborn as a mule.

She went in further. The scenery began to change from peaceful to terrifying. She didn't give two shits to be honest. She just wanted to find him.


She screamed at the top of her lungs. It echoed through what seemed to be the now dead forest. Trees seemed to have fallen or dormant like if they were in winter, but it's summer. The smell of death stained the air. The grass had withered away into dead weeds. Bones and dead flesh littered the grounds. Dead animal carcasses hung from some of lifeless trees. She assumed it was a sign of warning, but it's too late now. There's no turning back from her. Grave stones began to appear. She didn't even stop and read them. The dead might pop up and make her into a zombie. She's not all sure about what he's capable of. Thorny bushes appeared standing in her way. She froze not sure what will happen if she gets stuck in there. It might be completely harmless but then again...

She dropped her backpack and pulled something out. She was going to get the Reaper to notice her. She didn't care if she gets hurt in the process. She grabbed put a can of hairspray and lighter.

" Burn baby burn!"

She lit the lighter and sprayed the hair spray. The bushes screamed out showing human qualities. They couldn't do anything as they burned away into a crisp. April just laughed feeling her sanity slip away.

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