The Tale Of Tyriel

Tyriel is a small boy who learn to control his chakra and creates a new justsu every time he can < but he faces difficult challenges ahead


5. The State of Darkness

       I woke up, but I could not see anything.It was all darkness.I was in the midst  of pure darkness.But then a bright light appeared illuminating the area.I saw Sorawa.

       "I will grant you my strength.Use it wisely."Then everything came back to the battlefield.My body started glowing dark black.Black beams shot out of my hands and I started slicing villagers left and right .I put the beams into the ground and thousands  of  8 there ones shot out of  the  ground.There were many villagers being impaled.Suigetsu  made a sphere of water around a villager.I started boiling  the water around  the  villager and he dicentigrated.Then I felt a sharp pain in my chest.And now I am here,in hell.

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