The Tale Of Tyriel

Tyriel is a small boy who learn to control his chakra and creates a new justsu every time he can < but he faces difficult challenges ahead


4. The Raid of the Hidden Leaf

                As the five of us walked towards the Hidden Leaf I started thinking about how many villagers I killed in my own village and how many I was about to kill in another one.It was very repulsive to think of how I shed the blood of my good friend Sorawa.

               "We are almost here." Sasuke said, drawing his blade.Just then we walked to the gate and entered the village.One of the guards tried to stop us from coming in , but before he could quite draw a weapon Sasuke sliced his throat.As I walked past the blood I knew it was about to go down.

               " Rogue shinobi!!!"One of the villagers screamed.

               "Earth style , 100 blades of crimson sand!" I yelled, impaling the villager splattering organs and blood all around him.I thought to myself that this would be a great time to create a new jutsu, so as a barrage of villagers came I used my chakra to surround them in lava and crush them slowly leaving no trail  besides little smears of blood.Since that worked so well I created another one.I turned my body into sand and snuck behind several villagers.I climbed up their bodies and used my sand to slowly dissolve their skin and bones turning them into massive piles of blood.As I turned back into my human state I summoned two swords.The swords of darkness.I sliced three villagers in half at once and jumped high into the sky. As I slowly soared down I pointed both swords down so that when I landed the villager that I landed on was split into several pieces covering me in blood .As soon as the villager was killed I threw the swords at some other villagers.As I watched them drop dead I walked by to pick up my swords,but a villager charged me.

               "Fire style, disintegrating pulse."I said slowly as I watched the villager burn to ashes and I picked up my swords.Then suddenly everything went dark and I hit the ground as ungracefully as possible.

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