The Tale Of Tyriel

Tyriel is a small boy who learn to control his chakra and creates a new justsu every time he can < but he faces difficult challenges ahead


3. The Life of a Rogue

                  As I was walking around I saw a  mysterious man.

                  "Hello,young boy."the man said."My name is Orochimaru."he introduced himself.

                  "Orochimaru?I know I've heard that name before."I said, although still listening to the man.

                  "You might have." he said in a semi-dark tone. " I have been working on rescuing rogue ninja all over the world that need power to be able to dominate and possibly be my next vessel. "he said hinting to me that he wanted me to join him.

                   "That sounds fun." I said."And how much power will we obtain?"I questioned because if it wouldn't be an immense power I wouldn't even decide to go at all.

                   " A power so unbelievable it can take out all five kage at once!!!"He laughed menacingly.

                  "I suppose that I will go with you." I said so I followed him willingly.

                  When we arrived at Orochimaru's hideout,I looked all around and saw that it was very dark and desolate.We walked all over the place and then we finally ended up at a room that looked like a prison cell.

                   "This is your room."Orochimaru said,"I hope you enjoy it."

                   "Yeah." I said waiting for Orochimaru and his guard to walk away.

                   "Fire style, body of magma."I whispered as I slowly transformed into a pool of magma and slid out of the cell.Then I went to find and kill Orochimaru.

                  "He's dead!!!"one of the people in the hideout said. "Orochimaru is dead!!!"they said again.And then I saw a man coming towards me with a katana I drew my sword,but he walked right past me.I saw one of his eyes. It was a sharingan.

                   "Hey, who are you!!!"I yelled.

                   "My name is Sasuke."he said."You want to come and raid the hidden leaf village with me and a couple others or are you just a bothersome person?"he asked in a way that made me kind of angry.

                   "Sure why not."I said."Who are the others?"I asked as if I really cared.

                   "There names are Karin,Suigetsu,and Jugo.

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