The Tale Of Tyriel

Tyriel is a small boy who learn to control his chakra and creates a new justsu every time he can < but he faces difficult challenges ahead


2. Saying Goodbye

              "Sorawa!!!"I yelled at the top of my lungs.

              "You did this you little brat!"said one of the villagers right in my ear.

               But then a sudden bright light struck the chains off of me.

               "LEAVE HIM ALONE" a mysterious voice said.Then I saw Sorawa and he entered my body.Raging purple chakra surrounded me. It pushed the villagers away.In my hand I had a black sword with black chakra surrounding it.I took my sword and flashed it at the villagers as they took out their weapons.

                "So that's how it is,huh."I said as I took the sword and slashed the first villager who took a hit at me.I jumped high in the air and threw my sword at a villager from above.I landed as the sword went through the villagers head and down throughout the rest of his body.As I took the sword out of his body I cleaned the crimson red blood off of my blade and splattered it on the floor.

                 "Who's next ." I said as the next wave of villagers attacked.The villagers surrounded me so I swirled around leaving trails of blood everywhere in my wake.The almost never ending villagers surrounded me with almost ten times as many villagers as the first time.

                 " Earth style, one thousand blades of sand!!!" I yelled stabbing my sword into the ground.A low grumble sounded as every villager surrounding me was impaled several times, one of which, my mother.With tears running down my face I quickly charged the next villager slicing him into several pieces, his blood going in every direction in a glorious flowing pattern.One of the other villagers stabbed my leg. I grimaced In pain and sliced the villager in half. I watched as blood gushed out of his body and one of his intestines fell out.

                  "Your no son of mine " a man said.

                  "I know."I said crying."FIRE STYLE,BURNING SLICE!!!!!"I yelled as I sliced into him.I could hear the Kazekage yelling as I walked away from him.

                  "Sorry father."I whispered, as I knew from that moment forward I was a rouge ninja.

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