The Tale Of Tyriel

Tyriel is a small boy who learn to control his chakra and creates a new justsu every time he can < but he faces difficult challenges ahead


1. My Name Is Tyriel

                 Hello my name is Tyriel.I'm going through the academy very fast ,but I accidentally created my own jutsu. I may seem concerned , but actually I am impressed with my own power. Showing this to Iruka senseii got me a one way ticket to becoming a ninja .I was quite pleased so I tried to create another jutsu with my friend. When I did the hand seals every thing went dark. When I woke up I was chained down by ninjas from the village.I looked over at the area Where I wove the seals. In that area I also saw the top half of my friend and then I followed the trail of blood leading to the bottom half of him with my eyes.This is the tale of Tyriel.

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