Zootopia: Revelations

Zootopia: Revelations is a fanfiction based on Disney's successful movie titled Zootopia. The story takes place a few months later after the movie ended focusing on two unique characters developed specifically for this story which is dark and mostly gloomy that makes the reader experience much more intense events and battles that were never seen before in the movie itself. Zootopia: Revelations is a story that can manipulate with your feelings without difficulties. Your favorite characters from the movie will reprise their roles in the story as well so there's a lot to look forward to! Prepare to meet many new unique characters featured only in this story. Have fun!


3. The Pursuit

Storyteller: Nick offers Angelina a seat as she walks into his office and closes the door after her.

Nick: Please, Miss Hopps, take a seat and make yourself comfortable. So, I know that you’d rather not talk about Michael nor Tristan after yesterday back in Bunnyburrow, but I have a few questions I need to ask you.

Storyteller: Angelina sighs and looks away from Nick, anxious about the topic.

Angelina: Well… Sure, w-what do you need to ask about?

Nick: Well, I want to know more about them specifically, like their relationship. How would you describe what they did together? Were they getting along alright? Or were they… say, “uncooperative” with each other?

Angelina: Yeah. Well, most of the time anyway… Tristan sometimes lifted Michael up in the air by grabbing his ears when he was rude and disrespectful, sometimes he slapped Michael so hard he knocked him to the ground… but he would never even lay a finger on him when I was within Michael's presence, he knew he could get away with hurting Michael when I wasn't home… He used my absence as an advantage. I was helpless, I didn’t know how to confront him without upsetting Michael… I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want Michael to be alone with Tristan.

Nick: Hmm. So he’s not exactly the best dad… How do you know all of this?

Angelina: Michael told me everything about Tristan not long ago, I gave him one last chance. If he were to hurt Michael again, I would leave him and take Michael for myself, to keep him safe. But it seems Tristan left me instead… and took Michael with him. I miss Michael so much…we didn't really earn his trust, we only had him for a month or so…

Nick: I see… You know, I could help you track down Tristan and Michael if I had the resources. You know, authorization and backup if it was necessary. But my sense of smell and detection is perfect, I can track them down even without additional resources, it’ll just be harder… Well that’s if you want me to.

Angelina: No, it’s fine, let it go… Hopefully he’ll just behave and avoid getting into trouble…

Storyteller: Nick begins to speak again, but is cut off by Angelina’s sudden change of tone, as she demands her promised cup of tea.

Nick: But Miss Hopps-

Angelina: No. It’s fine, Nick. Where’s my tea?

Nick: Oh it’s… here. There, I hope it is still warm.

Angelina: It's pretty nice… Oh, and what happened yesterday wasn’t even the worst thing recently.

Nick: What? Really? What could be worse than what happened yesterday?

Angelina: I’m a military trainee at the nearby training academy and I can’t go back there after this...

Nick: You’ve got it pretty tough, don’t ‘cha?

Angelina: Yeah, all thanks to the general… who I don't want to discuss about whatsoever. Don’t even try to get me to tell you.

Nick: What's wrong with him?

Angelina:  Nick please, I don't want to talk about him. Don’t bother trying.

Nick: Well… As you wish then. But speaking of training academies, feel free to join the ZPD! We need more mammals like you in the force, not a lot of us can go through Little Rodentia and places alike. Hey you know we’re trying to get some rodents to join the force?

Angelina: Not until now, no… Though I’d love to join the force, but I don’t think the general would let me, he says I’m extremely important to him…

Nick: Really? Hmm… Could you give me his name?

Angelina: No! I said that I don’t want to talk about it!

Nick: Is it Charles Britton? I could have something arranged for you, you know?

Storyteller: Nick phones Charles Britton, but is answered by his assistant instead. What Nick does next surprises Angelina in a way like never before.

Angelina: I said don’t bother- what? You know him?

Nick: Hey, it’s Nicholas Shelemy here, can I speak to the general? Alright, thanks. How are you Britton, ah, that fantastic. Yes, I’m quite alright myself thanks. Ah yes, I wanted to ask you something. I was wondering if you could allow to transfer one of your trainees to the ZPD. Her name is Angelina Laverne Hopps. Mmhm… Alright, I understand. Okay, I’ll get the paperwork organized then.

Angelina: Nick? Are you serious? Is this for real? Am I hearing right?! Did you just call Britton?!

Nick: Yes, yes I did. And now, you are now part of the Zootopia Police Department! Congrats, Miss Hopps for successfully becoming an officer!

Angelina: Nick! I… I’m… I’m speechless. I’m so… I-I’m really thankful for this! But how… how do you have his phone number?! I’m so overwhelmed…

Nick: See? You should’ve told me right away, cupcake. Charles Britton grants a few officers and enforcers, including me, access to some of the best military equipment monthly. We’ve known each other for ages, as well. Being in my position is not easy, you know. There’s been some extremely peculiar stuff going on. This fox requires some seriously high-tech equipment, and plus, we’re great friends, we used to serve together when he was just a Captain! We were basically best friends at the time, and still to this day!

Angelina: Your best friend… No way…

Storyteller: Angelina slumps into the back of her chair, wide-eyed and jaw dropped, impressed by Nick’s close friendship with Britton.

Nick: Is everything alright bun bun?

Angelina: No, Nick… you don't understand, those “peculiar’ events… Britton… might not be as generous as he appears to be…

Nick: What are you talking about? Agh don’t worry about it, here… I've got something for you. Open this...

Storyteller: Nick hands over a small box to Angelina...

Angelina: Well Nick, I don’t know what to say!

Nick: Oh just open it already, dumb bunny.

Storyteller: Nick smirks at Angelina, who looks down at the small box in her paws and pries it open, to reveal a brand new badge.

Angelina: A badge? A police badge? I’m really an officer? Am I dreaming or something? I… I .can't thank you enough for this Nick, this is incredible! I’m officially a ZPD officer!

Nick: No, you’re not dreaming. You are an official ZPD officer, no jokes whatsoever!

Storyteller: Angelina clasps the brand new badge in her hands and gives Nick a huge hug as thanks. Nick, taken by surprise and unsure what to do, begins to pat Angelina on the head, then hug her back. And Angelina begins to tear up in happiness

Nick: Oof… Didn't see that coming! Oh you don’t need to cry, c’mon you’ll get my uniform all wet!

Angelina: I… Sorry… it's a bad habit, I can become pretty emotional like this… Just… Thank you so much!

Nick:  You bunnies, so emotional… You’re welcome, by the way!

Angelina: This is incredible… it looks amazing! “Trust, integrity, Bravery…” I will serve the citizens of Zootopia! I will maintain justice, order and peace in the city! Justice, order… p-p-peace…

Nick: Angelina? What's wrong? Is there something bothering you?

Angelina: No no, it’s fine… hey, when do you think I’ll receive a uniform?

Nick: It shouldn’t take too long to get here, it’s not like you’re the first bunny in the force right? I’ll order one for you today. It should arrive in a couple of days!

Angelina: A couple of days? That’s really quick! Well, thanks for everything you have done for me Nick! I really appreciate it all!

Nick: You’re welcome! Oh for Gazelle's sake… I’ve left my coffee to go cold. Well, it's still a bit warm.

Angelina: So now that I’ve become an officer, we will be working together? Do I need to do some paperwork?

Nick: Nope, it's not required anymore, the only paperwork you need to do is just personal info, like your phone number and all. But besides that, I’ve done everything for you. You’ll be registered in the ZPD directories by tomorrow at the latest.

Angelina: Thank you so much Nick! I didn't know that the ZPD had a vacancy for mammals like me these days…

Nick: Well, without me, it’d be quite difficult to join, Chief Bogo is really very strict with recruits, and demands a lot in order to join the police force. You’ll have to confront him eventually, unfortunately. He’ll need to know that I brought you into the force. So I’m going to... what… do you see this?

Storyteller: Nick and Angelina look out the window and see a white arctic wolf trying to break into and steal a police cruiser.

Nick: You gotta be kidding me. What is this guy thinking? There’s no value in the car, he can’t sell that or anything.

Angelina: Seriously? That wolf has some serious guts to do that right in front of the station.

Storyteller: The burglar glances around and stares at Nick in the window, then smashes the window with a crowbar and climbs into the cruiser. Nick stares at him as he gets in and rushes out of his office, Angelina running to join him.

Nick: I’m not going to let this guy steal one of our cars! Hey Ang, you coming?

Angelina: Yes! Of course! I’m an officer after all ain't I?

Nick: Well let’s go! C'mon, hurry! Hold on tight!

Angelina: Whoa Nick!

Storyteller: Nick rushes out of his office with Angelina sitting on his shoulders out the main entrance and around to the car park.

Nick: Agh everyone’s so damn oblivious, they don’t even know what’s going on!

Angelina: Nick, could you put me down? I don’t want to be seen on top of your shoulders like a little child…

Nick: No time now Angelina…

Storyteller: They both rush out of the station and see the police cruiser speed off with burglar at the wheel. Nick stares at the thief and then runs towards his own police SUV with Angelina following him.

Angelina: We’re too late! Nick should we let the others know?

Nick: We can tell them later! What are you waiting for? Jump in!

Angelina: Partner, let's catch this criminal!

Nick: I just hope he doesn’t wreck the cruiser, Bogo would hate that… Let’s go!

Storyteller: Nick starts up his SUV and launches off onto the road, in pursuit of the cruiser.

Angelina: This wolf clearly doesn't have any idea what he is getting himself into, stealing a police car right in front of a station?! I can’t believe it!

Nick: This guy’s got guts to do that.

Storyteller: After some time, Nick manages to catch up with the criminal and shouts at him to stop and pull over thought his loudspeaker.

Nick: This is the ZPD! Pull over now or we will be forced to take drastic action! He’s not stopping, only more fun for us! Here take this and shoot out the tires! And try not to damage the car too much.

Angelina: Don't worry Nick, you keep your paws on the wheel, I’ve got the precision of a marks-rabbit!

Nick: C'mon now, show me what you’re capable of!

Storyteller: Angelina lines up a shot with the handgun handed to her and fires through a slot in the windshield and shoots out a rear light

Angelina: That didn't count, you didn’t see that. At least they’re easily replaceable…

Nick: There goes a light…

Storyteller: Angelina takes another two shots and blows out the rear left tire, nearly causing the cruiser to spin out.

Nick: Almost had him right there, he should spin out the next turn he makes!

Angelina: Should we call for backup now? I think our pursuit is going to end soon…

Nick: It's not necessary if he’s going to spin out.

Storyteller: The burglar suddenly speeds up, turns a corner flawlessly and leaves Nick and Angelina behind.

Nick: Where do you think you’re going pal? Angelina, you better have your seatbelt on…

Angelina: What? Why now?

Nick: Just put it on, because we’re going hyper!

Storyteller: Nick flips a switch then hits a button, activating the nitrous boost and the SUV rapidly accelerates, flinging Angelina into the back of her seat.

Angelina: Whoa Nick! Why didn’t you tell me about this?!

Nick: There wasn’t a point, you’d find out regardless and I’d prefer it this way!

Angelina: Nick watch out! Pedestrian crossing!

Nick: Oh shiiit!

Storyteller: Nick quickly swerves to the left and narrowly misses a group of pedestrians crossing the road.

Nick: Holy crap that was close!

Angelina: Too close! This is madness! We almost hit them!

Nick: Speaking of hitting things look at the criminal! He's all over the road! And look!

Storyteller: A truck cuts off the burglar's path and forces him to take a sharp right turn, the car slides too far, bounces into a stone wall and smashes into a lamp pole, bending it over.

Nick: He’s crashed! What did I say, Angelina?

Angelina: So you were right! That's it for the street lamp… and the car, but now is our chance to arrest him! Let’s hurry!

Storyteller: Nick quickly jumps out of his car and grabs another pistol from the door and takes cover behind the car, while Angelina hops out of the car and stares, open-mouthed at the mangled car.

Angelina: Wow, this is not good. The car is completely demolished.

Nick: Hey open the backseat door and pass my rifle, will you?

Angelina: Okay, here you go…

Nick: Thanks bun bun.

Angelina: No worries…

Storyteller: The burglar manages to crawl out of the mess with a surprising lack of injury, only cuts and gashes can really be seen. Meanwhile several civilian bystanders are staring in shock after what just happened.

Nick: Out he comes, stay alert, gun up, Angelina. FREEZE! THIS IS THE ZPD! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST ON SEVERAL CHARGES!

Angelina: Get down on your stomach with your hands on the back of your head this instance!

Nick: Everyone simmer down! Stay calm, we have this under control!

Storyteller: The burglar ignores the orders to surrender and pulls out a combat knife from his holster.

Burglar: You think I am going to listen to you? Puny officers. I can see why they were hesitant to hire you! Don't you recognize me at all? I doubted you did.

Nick: Oh shut your mouth, you’re a waste of everyone’s time!

Angelina: Clark? Is it you? Humph. Let me deal with this Nick… I'll show him! Paw-to paw combat! Let’s go! Come on!

Clark: FINALLY! Someone that remembers me! Well too bad it won’t be for long. Sorry, but nothing personal. And Nicholas Shelemy… you’re pretty attentive. Would’ve gotten away it done weren't for you.

Nick: Gotten away with stealing one of our ZPD cars I assume? Honestly, what’s the point of that anyway?

Clark: No no no. You’re not NEARLY close. That rabbit. She belongs somewhere else and she is not for the ZPD. Angelina Hopps, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t act like you don’t.

Angelina: I’ve actually no idea what you are talking about.

Clark: Bah, you know. You know what I’m talking about. There's no use hiding it. He needs you back to the force. You are his single most important asset. You’re supposed to be taken back to your father alive. Especially after he stole you from him. But it’s too bad you don't give two fucks about him. You aren't destined to be serving the ZPD and protect the city. Your mission is to destroy it and erase it from the history instead. I suppose I’ll just wipe you two off the surface of the planet.

Storyteller: Clark runs his fingers over the blade of his large combat knife casually and glares at the duo, a sinister look in his eyes as he advances towards Angelina, who is doing the same...

Angelina: You, you’re as deranged as I thought you’d turn out. Let’s end this right here, right now.

Nick: Angelina wait!

Clark: Cutting you up should be like cutting a cake, literally!

Storyteller: Clark laughs maniacally and thrusts his knife towards Angelina, who dodges it and uses his arm to launch herself upwards and flips forwards to kick Clark, square in the face, making him stumble backwards.

Clark: Agh, not bad… but not good, either.

Angelina: Oh shut up and fight me, you pup.

Clark: Well you asked for it!

Storyteller: Clark rapidly swipes at Angelina and cuts her left arm while she ducks under the attack. However, Angelina takes no notice and kicks in Clark’s knees, then slips between his legs and kicks in the inside of his knees, forcing him to collapse to them, only to be kicked in the back to make him fall flat on his face. A moment of silence hovers over the crowd, Nick, and a couple officers that had showed up moments ago. All that can be heard are gasps, whispers and Angelina’s panting, out of breath, from the battle. Bleeding from her left arm.

Angelina: And that’s… how you fight. Huff.

Nick: Well Angelina… I have to say, that was really impressive. I’m amazed by your fighting skills! Kudos, to you.

Storyteller: Nick says as he tosses Angelina handcuffs who catches them and walks back to the wolf, cuffs and whispers to him.

Angelina: You shouldn’t have picked a fight with me, pup.

Nick: I guess that’s wrapped up, you two over there, get this cleaned up, we’ve got to bring this wolf back to the station.

Storyteller: Nick points to the other two officers standing by, and then to the scene, suggesting that they need to get things running normally again.

Angelina: To prison you go!

Nick: Not yet, this wolf needs some serious interrogation. I pretty concerned about you, how do you know him? You know what? Don’t worry about it, we can talk about it later.

Angelina: Alright. Okay.

Nick: Oh, you’re bleeding, by the way.

Angelina: Oh shit, I am… uh, you got bandages in the car?

Nick: Of course I do, nice work though, Angelina!

Angelina: Thanks! But get me those bandages quick, this spare uniform if getting messed up.

Nick: Yup, yup! Here they are.

Angelina: What about the crashed car?

Nick: The tow service is on the way carrots, no need to worry.

Angelina: Alright…

Nick: Chief Bogo is not going to be happy about this though, but don't worry! If anything goes down, I’ll stand up for you Angelina, though I’m sure you could do so by yourself, haha!

Storyteller: Nick starts his police SUV and packs away his rifle, handgun and helps Angelina into the car. Soon they drive off with the arrested Burglar apparently known as Clark, into the beauty of the sunset.

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